Code of Ethics

The Yes No Tarot Oracle is simple, quick and accessible. But it also has a lot of information pages around it, all designed to help you have the best experience whether you are buying a reading or are reading for yourself.

In life it’s important to have clear boundaries and to know where you stand. Tarot is no different.

This blog has been online for seven years and there have been many changes in that time but one thing that has remained consistent is my own code of ethics. As your host, reader and teacher, I want you to feel right at home here, safe in my hands.

My Code of Ethics

  • Maintain client confidentiality at all times
  • Be honest with clients and students during readings and mentoring
  • Provide a safe environment for learning and self-discovery
  • To resolve any issues and disagreements with fairness for both parties
  • To listen to the needs of clients and students and respond appropriately
  • To be professional but approachable in all dealings
  • To hold the client and student at the heart of all creative projects and interactions.

My code of ethics runs true across the whole of Tarot Elements and includes face to face work and presentations. Your best experience here is important to me and has been the driving motivation of this blog since its creation and will continue in that vein into the future.

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