Asking an Effective Question


Sometimes it seems like tarot has a terrific sense of humour. You ask your question, the tarot answers and you wonder, what the hell just happened? Likely you weren’t specific enough. Think of the genie in the lamp and you get the idea.

Asking if you will see each other again when you really mean, will we be romantically involved in the future will likely generate a yes because in all probability, you will see that person again, just not in the way you had hoped. I’ve seen this time and again so be absolutely clear about what you want to know and leave nothing open to interpretation. Be specific.

If you want to know if the man you like at work will call you, then name him in your question (first names are ok, but his full name is better). Do you want him to just call you for a chat or for a date? When do you want to know when this will happen by? Then add a time frame because he may call you in five years because he became your boss, then tarot would answer yes and when he doesn’t call by the end of the month, you think the tarot was wrong….

So a great question in relation to the above would be:

Will Johnny Depp call me to arrange a romantic date by the end of April?

Now wouldn’t that be nice?! Seriously though, you can see the difference between your first thoughts to an effective question that will give you a definitive answer.

How to Turn Two Questions into One

Often I am asked, I want to know if I’ll see him again and will we get back together. That is two questions and in fairness, you’ve paid for one. But we can tighten that up. Finding out if you’ll get back together will trump finding out if you’ll see him again. I hope that looks obvious. And again, we should add a time frame to that to gain some idea of the when:

Will I get back together with Johnny Depp by the end of this year?

You get the picture.

I review all questions put forward and will modify them where I think they need it, to help keep it relevant, targeted and specific, so don’t worry if you think you’re question could be tighter. I’m here to help you.

What cannot be asked:

Shoulds, Actions & Permission to Act

Shoulds also incorporate actions and permission to act.

  • Should I meet Tim in town?
  • Should I defy my parents and go to the festival?
  • Should I buy the house?

So let’s be straight. I will never tell you what to do. Not ever. I have to reject any question that falls under this criteria. Imagine the scenario: you ask a should question, which is really just permission to act, and through the tarot you are given a green light to go. Yay! All is well. But then, you realise this isn’t what you wanted after all and now you’ve committed to this thing. Because you didn’t think about your choices properly, because you sought permission, you will also seek blame for your new situation and you will look squarely at me and my deck of cards.

I know, that seemed kinda harsh, but it’s important to be honest here. Delusions only confuse and the point of a tarot reading is to gain clarity. So remain objective, think about your choices and if you really want to do a thing, do you really need permission from an external source? Of course you don’t.

Specific Topics

Health Questions
I do not use tarot to diagnose health issues, nor use it to prescribe possible treatments. Please see your physician for any health problems you may be experiencing.
While tarot can predict a difficult financial time ahead, and equally point to money coming in, questions regarding specific investments are off limits. Often these questions fall under shoulds and permission to act.
Persons not Present
Questions often involve a third party – will he come back to me etc. These questions are fine because they involve you. Questions regarding another without a connection to your situation are problematic. ‘How does John feel about me?’ is acceptable. ‘How is John doing in his life?’ is not.
Lost objects and Missing Persons
This falls outside of the scope of my tarot practice.

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