How to Order Your Reading

Sometimes all you need is a quick answer to your question. A simple yes or no that gives an indication of how a situation may or may not work out. Perhaps you’re not looking for a long explanation of a situation and don’t need to know all the peripheral information. You have a burning question but just want the low down. Perhaps you already have a hunch and just want confirmation.

If any of that rings true for you, then you need a Yes No Tarot Oracle Reading.

Simple, quick and accessible.

And for a rather lovely £5 per question, there’s no reason not to.

Here’s all you have to do*:

  • Make your payment
  • ask your question
  • get your reading.**



The process is quick, right?

Here’s a little more detail to help you on your way*

  • Payments are made via Paypal and are completed in minutes
  • Use ‘Instructions to the seller’ to ask your question. If this is left blank, I will email you and ask you directly
  • I will personally respond with a hand drawn card and a short email reading that consists of a YES or NO from the tarot and a few sentences explaining the relevance of the card to your question

Other Necessary Info

Getting the best out the Yes No Tarot Oracle Reading service requires an effective question. Head over to the information page to see how to formulate the best question for your situation. While you’re there, check out the small list of no-no topics and limitations, as well as your personal responsibility and my code of ethics.

If you have any other questions about the service ahead of ordering your reading, contact me with your inquiry and I’ll be happy to assist you.


**Turnaround time for Yes No Tarot Oracle Readings is 24 hours to allow for global time zones and the volume of readings I handle. Having said that, these readings are quick and often the turnaround time is often 12 hours or less.


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