The Way of Nowhere

What is the Way of Nowhere?
Physically, it’s a book. Philosophically, it’s a new way to view life and how we live it. Spiritually, it’s a way to embrace many eclectic cultures to produce a modern system of creativity, self-reliance and self-knoweldge. But best of all, it’s 8 Questions to Release Our Creative Potential – which as we all know is perfect translated into a tarot spread.
Using time-honoured Native American, Pagan and Buddhist beliefs, the full system helps you explore yourself in a gentle and productive way. In our tarot spread, we’re going to explore the eight questions. It’s up to you how much further you want to explore yourself in this way (though I highly recommend it).


You know I wouldn’t normally tell you what to do, but on this occasion, I’m going to!
When you do this tarot spread, treat it with respect, do it seriously – take it seriously. These questions are important for your future and so performing a tarot reading from this spread should carry your full awareness, focus and intention. I would even suggest you make a ritual out of it. Use whatever way you like, crystals, candles, blessings, chanting, incense, invoking your spirit guides – whatever you consider important and necessary to create the right ambiance and atmosphere. You may even what to invoke the 4, 8 or 10 directions and elements beforehand. Don’t forget to close your ritual also, releasing any energies you may have invoked at the beginning.
The questions in the book are designed to prompt your subconscious, your inner-spirit, higher-self – whatever terms are appropriate to you. In light of this then, it’s important to spend time with each card that presents in each position so that you can explore it fully in detail and without rushing. This is the kind of tarot spread that you should write a journal about – these are important and potentially life-changing and enhancing questions, so deserve your time to let your innermost mind and soul work together. Let each card be the bud that your mind helps to blossom – this is where your creative potential is born and developed.
Are you ready to release your creative potential? Ok, let’s begin!

The Way of Nowhere Tarot Spread

The Way of Nowhere Spread
You begin this tarot spread with east – where the sun rises and new beginnings burst through like a rush of spring.

  1. east – what is my unique purpose?
  2. south-east – how am I releasing the magic of the moment?
  3. south – how am I venturing into uncertainty?
  4. south-west – how am I focusing the power of my intent?
  5. west – how am I supporting growth?
  6. north-west – how am I learning to see the invisible?
  7. north – how am I returning my gift?
  8. north-east – how am I keeping my energy clear and bright?

Take your time with this and don’t repeat the spread too often, give your life and previous decisions time to play out before you seek another road. In the meantime, think on what the authors of the book creatively present about nowhere:

  • nowhere – stepping into the unknown
  • now here – harnessing of the present moment
  • no where – working with the invisible
  • know where – catalysing breakthrough

Make sure to get a copy of the book, The Way of Nowhere: Eight Questions to Release Our Creative Potential. Available on Kindle and Amazon sellers.

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