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Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot


When I was preparing my tarotscope for Virgo, hosted by Siobhan’s Mirror, it naturally made me think more deeply about the cards associated with my own birth sign. I’ve privately approached this before, as I’m sure many of you have also. In seeking to understand myself further I collated the cards related to Virgo through astrology and numerology and produced these cards:
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Pisces Music

Guest post by Mick Frankel


Tarot Elements is pleased to welcome back one of its most beloved contributors, Mick Frankel. Mick has contributed many articles to Tarot Elements. This article is a continuation of his music series. You can read his others here: Scorpio Music and Gemini Music.

Mick Frankel is a Tarot reader, astrologer, I Ching consultant and dream interpreter based in the North-West of England. Mick gives talks and workshops around Manchester and runs an on-line study course “Astrology for Tarot Readers.” He’s also well known on the local music scene as Bluesman, Mickey Van Gelder. You can email him at fankelmick@hotmail.com or visit his website.
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Gemini Music


Guest post by Mick Frankel

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. It’s the sign of Mutable Air. What sort of music might fit with this quick-minded sign?

The mutability suggests music that flows and changes. The air element means that there has to be a clear intelligence at work. And Gemini is ruled by Mercury so this reinforces the intelligent communication. Maybe some gentle humour and an overall lightness of touch as well. Continue reading Gemini Music

Scorpio Music

A guest post by Mick Frankel…

…Introduction by Catherine

Working his way through the genres in search of music that is true to Scorpion depth and emotion, he finds this in 1960’s gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Mick does a grand job in showing the link between Mahalia’s music, her style, her personality and her Scorpio birth chart.
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