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Hebrew for Tarot Readers: Assigning the Seven Planets

A tutorial series by guest poster, Mick Frankel

Part Four: Assigning the Seven Planets

At the end of lesson two, the Double Letters, I said:

“But, the way that the planets are assigned to the Tarot Trumps is a source of such confusion that I intend to leave a detailed description of the Double Letters for the moment.”

Basically, in the Golden Dawn system, there are 7 planets and they correspond to 7 Trumps: Continue reading Hebrew for Tarot Readers: Assigning the Seven Planets


Pisces Music

Guest post by Mick Frankel


Tarot Elements is pleased to welcome back one of its most beloved contributors, Mick Frankel. Mick has contributed many articles to Tarot Elements. This article is a continuation of his music series. You can read his others here: Scorpio Music and Gemini Music.

Mick Frankel is a Tarot reader, astrologer, I Ching consultant and dream interpreter based in the North-West of England. Mick gives talks and workshops around Manchester and runs an on-line study course “Astrology for Tarot Readers.” He’s also well known on the local music scene as Bluesman, Mickey Van Gelder. You can email him at fankelmick@hotmail.com or visit his website.
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Meditation Spread

Guest post by Barbara Moore

Tarot is an excellent tool for spiritual work; most of us who use and love the cards know this. One common method is to incorporate the cards into a meditation practice, often by using one card as a portal. Adding scent (via candles, incense, or essential oils) to meditation can enhance the practice. This post combines all three: tarot, meditation, and scent. Continue reading Meditation Spread

An Unlikely Relationship

Guest post by Barbara Moore

Tarot cards are more than just a collection images, a game, or a fortunetelling device. They are, together and individually, doorways into the human experience. We find themes such as balance, opposing forces, and enlightenment repeating through the cards. Tarot is powerful because it is not just a collection of images but a complete system. The system affects meanings as much as the images. The cards within the deck are in dialogue with each other. We can gain even more wisdom when we eavesdrop on those conversations. There are many ways to do this. One is to study pairings or groupings based on visual similarities.
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Dream Interpretation Spread

Guest post by Stacy LaRosa

Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

For the sake of ease, we will give the Past Event card the number 0 so as not to confuse those who have not tried the spread yet.

0 Past Event
If a Major Arcana card comes up I feel certain that this is a long standing issue that has recently started coming to a head again. This is the card that I feel has the most relevance over the others because it gives us a background on the anxiety. If it is a court card it alerts me to either a person or an energy around the querent or one that they may need to adapt or drop. If it’s a pip card it signals an action that was taken or needs to be taken and it is not being acknowledged, so the dream is doing all it can to get your attention.

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