Pisces Music

Continuing his excellent series on music & astrology, Mick Frankel guides us through the murky waters of the musical Pisces mind.

Meditation Spread

Tarot & meditation go beautifully together. See how adding scent (via candles, incense, or essential oils) to your tarot meditation can enhance the practice. This post combines all three: tarot, meditation, and scent.

An Unlikely Relationship

lovers and devil from 1909 rider tarot

There is no denying the visual similarities between these two cards. Barbara Moore looks more closely at them including their numerology.

Dream Interpretation Spread

Dreams and tarot work in the same way – through symbols & interpretation of imagery. What better way to understand your dreams than to use tarot spread especially designed to do just that. Guest poster Stacy LaRosa shows you how.

Tarot Journaling

Tarot journalling is a great way to help you learn tarot & a great way to record your tarot experience. Discover the many ways you can create your own tarot journal.