Working With the Tarot Aces

The tarot Aces. They are most often welcomed in a draw, as they inspire newness in many aspects: growth, challenges, ideas, love, opportunities, perspectives… New everything!

They are usually seen as positive, if you are ready for change or to see things with a new vision.

I always get inspired when an Ace comes my way. I get all dreamy eyed, optimistic, hungry for life… Kind of listening to either Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger – Ace of Wands, Debussy’s Clair de lune – Ace of Cups, some Radiohead – Ace of Swords or maybe Barry White’s Cant Get Enough Of Your Love – Ace of Pentacles…Yes, I went there!

Sometimes we need a push to get out of our comfort zone, to take the plunge into something new. The Aces can be great motivators! They can shake us up, and give us hope that we do have all that we need inside us, if we just find and activate it! That’s what’s great about the Aces, they conjure endless possibilities. They are open ended.

How can we best use the energy from the tarot Aces? We first need to identify which one we want to work with and then find out its purpose in our lives at this time. Time for a little fun, doncha think?

An in-depth but simple exercise to help us work with the tarot Aces

Take your Aces out of your favorite deck. (You can use all four Aces, or concentrate on one or two Aces that you would like guidance from. It’s up to you!) Then divide your deck into its main sections, Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court Cards. Shuffle well and working with one Ace at a time, do the following:

While choosing a Major Arcana card, ask the tarot: what is the life force in action with this Ace?

For a Minor Arcana card, ask: >where and how will this inspiration manifest itself in my life?

Finally, in choosing a Court Card, ask: who can help me (or what part of my personality) can help me in this process?

Seeing this exercise in action

For my Draw, I concentrated on the Ace of Swords and the Ace of Cups.

Ace of Swords
For the Ace of Swords, my Major Arcana card was The Hanged Man. The Minor Arcana card was the 3 of Cups and the Court Card was the Knight of Cups. The first thing I thought:

I should use my sword to cut myself down from this position of self reflexion, enough thinking by myself, communicate with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, this is a great time to use my intuitive side found in the Knight of Cups to forge ahead!

Ace of Cups
For the Ace of Cups, my Major Arcana card was the Wheel of Fortune, the Minor Arcana card was the 3 of Pentacles and the Court card was the Queen of Cups.

It tells me to enjoy the cycle of life that I’m in right now. My days are busy with my children, a lot of work is necessary, but when the work comes from a place of love and nurturing, it is a blessing. Time goes by so fast. Take the time to savour it!

What are the Aces telling you? What is blossoming in your life today?

Johanne Blanchard

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