Is Your Life Pre-Determined by a Greater Force?

Those of you who know me well enough know that life has been hard these past few months. Well, quite a few months really, right back into last year, and quite possibly before that.
All the plans I’ve made, the things I want to do, keep getting stalled. When I think things are moving again, the rug gets pulled from under me and I’m back to where I started. Road block after road block gets in my way. I think of a way out and boom. Can’t go that way.
So it got me thinking, as tough times usually do. Is there something else going on here? Am I missing the bigger picture? Why all these road blocks? Why, when I think things are moving forward again, do they come to a complete stop? Is there a reason for this, apart from another Mercury Retrograde?

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Karmic Bitch-slap Tarot Spread

Guest post by Zorian Cross
This spread was created about a couple of years ago. I was dumped by a guy I was having a long distant relationship with. He had issues regarding commitment and claimed I was suffocating him and he needed his space (he was two continents apart from me, how much space did he need?). So in a fiery fit of rage, I turned to my cards and began organically pulling cards one after another, asking questions randomly. While doing so, some of the cards revealed such cheeky yet witty answers to those questions that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. So hard I laughed, I could feel the tears of joy falling down my cheeks.

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