Is Your Life Pre-Determined by a Greater Force?

Those of you who know me well enough know that life has been hard these past few months. Well, quite a few months really, right back into last year, and quite possibly before that.
All the plans I’ve made, the things I want to do, keep getting stalled. When I think things are moving again, the rug gets pulled from under me and I’m back to where I started. Road block after road block gets in my way. I think of a way out and boom. Can’t go that way.

So it got me thinking, as tough times usually do. Is there something else going on here? Am I missing the bigger picture? Why all these road blocks? Why, when I think things are moving forward again, do they come to a complete stop? Is there a reason for this, apart from another Mercury Retrograde?

On the Fan Page this week, I posted the Hanged Man as the Card for the Day as I figured hanging upside down from a tree seemed like a good idea, when you need a different perspective. And I think I may have got it, the different perspective, that is.

What if I’m travelling down the wrong road. What if the road blocks are trying to tell me to get onto a different road. Obstacles are one thing, and it’s a wonderful sense of achievement when you overcome them, but there surely comes a point when you have to question the quantity of them? So I wondered, what if everything I’ve been planning is just not meant to be. You know what this means?

It means I’m getting all philosophical again and asking the age old question of pre-determinism. Are we pre-determined to a certain path in life? Is the journey and destination equally important? If all my road blocks are trying to veer me onto a different road that would suggest a higher force. I believe in our collective consciousness, but I’m not sold on the Higher Force, or Sentient Being deciding who does what and when etc. But it still begs the question, are we fated to a particular life, with or without the karma?

Still, I cannot ignore the Tower that keeps appearing in tarot readings and then feeling its full force in my life, or the way the sale of my house keeps falling through, or the many other things that keep standing in my way. I pondered the Tower and decided that really, if you are travelling the wrong road and you’re not paying attention to all the warning signs, then while you’re travelling at 100mph, it will take something equally forceful to stop you. Enter the Tower, regular visitor to my life and new best friend. I felt its force, several times and got knocked over. I keep getting back up and moving because that’s who I am. Today I have decided to stop for a moment and not move another inch until I can work out what’s going on in my life – that would be that new perspective working…

So, back to our question. Is my life, and your life, pre-determined by a greater force? Is a run of bad luck the Universe trying to get you on the right road, or is it just pure bad luck? Or worse, still, a little black magick? Is it accumulated Karma kicking in? Or simply the result of cause and effect?
What do you think? Not of my troubles, but of repeated stumbles, of pre-determinism, karma, luck, and magick affecting our lives? Is this just a big unwritten play, with a beginning and an ending with a free flowing script in between? Or do you believe there is an actual path, a specific road we’re all supposed to take, in this life?

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