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A Journey Tarot Spread


A Journey is featured in the Shadowscapes Tarot Companion Book and was inspired by the 8 of Cups and the Hermit for their themes of journeying, moving on or looking for something that is missing.

This immediately had me thinking about the shamanic practice of soul retrieval, which I’d read about earlier this year. Sandra Ingerman describes soul retrieval the following way:

“It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience.”

You can imagine how my mind went into overdrive piecing all this information together.
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The Amalgamated Tarot

The Amagamated Tarot

Do you have a number of tarot decks that you love but some of the cards turn you off? Perhaps you have some decks that are ok but there are a small number of cards that to you are just, wow!?

Me too.

So I played around with the idea of putting my favourite cards together and creating my perfect tarot deck.

Here’s what became obvious:

  • Keep to the same publisher as the cards will all be the same size
  • Try and select your cards that have similar depth of colours for visual compatability

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Tarot de Marseille Review: Tarot de Madenie

Tarot de Marseille from Quarto Knows

This is the second deck from publisher, Quarto Knows. It is the follow on from their redrawing of the Pierpoint Morgan Visconti-Sforza Taroccchi deck. In what was seemingly a successful foray into tarot deck publishing, Quarto has stayed with the theme of ancient decks. This time the focus is on the Tarot de Marseille. The same creative team were used to produce this kit, namely Rachel Clowes as the deck artist and Mary Packard as the book’s author. It comes in a large book-like box that will support itself on any bookshelf.
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Visconti-Sforza Review: The Golden Tarot

vs-golden-box-300Not to be confused with Kat Black’s Golden Tarot (a renaissance collage deck with gilt edges), this Golden Tarot is a redrawing of the Visconti-Sforza deck.

For this review, I will be using the US Games Pierpoint Morgan issue of the Visconti-Sforza tarot as the comparison deck and point of reference as I believe this is the deck the publisher has used as their base for this production.

The creative team for this project is Mary Packard (book) and Rachel Clowes (cards). Surprisingly neither has a tarot or occult background. Surprising because both their individual efforts sit well together and would not be out of place in anyone’s tarot library. Continue reading Visconti-Sforza Review: The Golden Tarot

Tarotpedia – the World of Tarot


Guest post by Bonnie Cehovet

Tarotpedia is a wonderful online site, a collaborative effort initiated by Jean-Michel David and the Association For Tarot Studies. It serves as a literal encyclopedia of Tarot for the Tarot community, and is an excellent resource. Anyone can become a member and assist in the growth of this site. Participation is encouraged, whether it is simply noting an omission, making suggestions or contributing directly to the page. All of us in the Tarot world together can do so much more than one or two of us alone, IMHO.

I want to add a personal note here – I have followed the Association For Tarot Studies site and work for some time now, and have become a member. I am in the U.S., they are based in Australia, but the twain does meet! I have a great deal of respect for the Association’s work, and the high quality of material on this site.

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