The Amalgamated Tarot

Do you have a number of tarot decks that you love but some of the cards turn you off? Perhaps you have some decks that are ok but there are a small number of cards that to you are just, wow!? Me too.

So I played around with the idea of putting my favourite cards together and creating my perfect tarot deck. Here’s what became obvious:

  • Keep to the same publisher as the cards will all be the same size
  • Try and select your cards that have similar depth of colours for visual compatability

Here’s what you need to do

Select your decks
I chose the Gilded Tarot, the Legacy of the Divine and the Quest Tarot – all published by Llewellyn and all with darker hues and backgrounds.
Separate your cards
Using one deck at a time, separate the cards into three piles: your favourites, your dislikes and the cards you feel neutral about.
Once you’ve done that for your selected decks, you now need to see how many of your favourite cards make it to the final deck. You may find you have more than one favourite per card; you will also find some cards completely missing from your new deck and currently it will be incomplete.
Checking the arcanas for multiple and missing cards
You will have to make some choices now. Which of the High Priestess cards will you keep? Which of the 5 of Swords will you choose? Go through each suit and arcana systematically and make your choices until you have a full deck of cards.
Play with your new amalgamated tarot deck
Now you have your own Amalgamated Tarot (and please, do change the name to suit yourself), you can begin to read with it. Start with simple three card readings to get a feel for the new arrangements. When you’re ready, progress to something more substantial, the Celtic Cross, for example. You will be able to see how the cards gel together, or not. The beauty of this system is that depending on the number of decks you drew from, you have multiple cards in reserve to replace or rotate them with.

This is a fun way to play with your tarot decks and see new interactions with old favourites. Have a play and let me know how you get on and what decks you put together.

See more of the gorgeous Legacy of the Divine in the Tarot Deck Gallery

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