2 of Pentacles

Two of PentaclesElement: Earth
Timing: Dec 22 – 30. Jupiter in Capricorn
Numerology: 2 – Duality, togetherness, a settling of the energy, union, love, balance.
Card Counting Value: 2 – card value
Keywords – Movement; flux; maintaining balance; yin and yang; having ups and downs; a juggling act; growth through change; multi-tasking; a heavy workload; enjoying your work; welcome change; a move into a better phase.
Reversed: an imbalance between work & home; not coping with work; discord; resisting change; a turn for the worse; incomplete projects; buckling under the pressure.
As People: Jugglers, accountants; shift workers; those with multiple jobs; dancers and performing artists; stock market investors/traders; buyers & sellers; market traders.
Yes/No Question: Maybe

Discussion Note

The Two of Pentacles indicates the need for balance, that you are experiencing it, it is coming to you, or you need to achieve it. The juggler in the card doesn’t have a stable hold on the two pentacles in what Arthur Waite calls a ‘reversed eight‘. Our character is standing on one leg, not both, and while Waite says he is dancing, he at the very least isn’t stood firmly while trying to juggle his two pentacles. The ships in the background also show an unsettled ocean indicating that things are currently unstable, volatile and changeable.
This is the card of the multitasker, the one who can seemingly hold a multitude of tasks, jobs, responsibilities and countless other things in perfect balance. However, unless the juggling, or multitasking continues indefinitely, then the pentacles will fall and we will be left with a sorry mess. Thankfully, this card never indicates that – it does however have implications that you may have potentially taken on too much and you have too many pentacles in the air leaving other aspects of your life in neglect.

Tarot Tidbit

The Two of Pentacles was traditionally used by the deck creator/publisher as their signature card. This can be seen widely in European decks, particularly the Tarot de Marseille.

Two of Pentacles as a Daily Card

Harmony, balance and going with the flow are the themes for the day.
Working in partnership with another, or with themes of twos will bring satisfaction and good results.
This isn’t a day for doing everything yourself, it’s a for sharing the load but more importantly, working together.
The general energy of the day will be settled and balanced with the theme of love from yesterday’s Lovers card carrying through the Yin and Yang symbol in the middle of the card.
Joint ventures and projects are especially favoured today so long as you ensure their foundations are put into place. The presence of the four elemental symbols are your guarantee of success so long as you seek their balance.
There is a lightheartedness that’s often overlooked with the 2 of Stones, so while work and projects take centre stage, having fun is also key to balancing all that effort.
Take some time out today to play, whether that’s in your garden, with your children or just dancing round to your favourite music, make sure you make time for some pleasure too.
How will you balance your day today?

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