Ace of Pentacles

ace of pentaclesElement: Earth
Timing: Mar 21 – Jun 20. Ruled by the Princess (Page) of Pentacles
Numerology: 1 – Pioneering, leading, alpha, dominance, ambitious, originality.
Card Counting Value: 5
Keywords – Represents the beginning stages of something tangible; prosperity; growth; material abundance; new enterprise; improving finances or wealth; a solid fruitful foundation; a promotion; a pay rise; good luck; unexpected money.
Reversed: an offer of financial help withdrawn; money falling through your hands; missed opportunities.

The Ace of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

What a wonderful day that lay ahead! The Ace of Disks signals material opportunities, prosperity and financial gain.
Most commonly known as the Ace of Pentacles, this card promises nothing – Aces provide an opportunity and it’s up to you to take it or it will set with the sun.
If you do take whatever opportunities come your way today, then you will benefit greatly.
Aces are often seen as a seed that needs sowing. The Ace of the earth sign once sown and nurtured, would reap the material and the actual. This isn’t confined to your finances and business success, it can provide any of the things that Pentacles and the element of earth represent.
Also seen as very lucky, the Ace of Disks (and Pentacles) can signal the arrival of a pay rise, a new job, an enterprising opportunity – even an unexpected and surprise gift of money. Things can very literally just pop out of thin air with this card.
As for today, begin the activity you’ve been planning; start your business; accept that job offer; apply for that job; enter that competition; buy that lottery ticket – whatever you do, if an Ace lands in your lap today, act on it.

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