What Does the 5 of Pentacles Mean?

A difficult time ensues. Work is lost, money dries up, family & friends either turn their backs or cannot help. You are alone & you feel it – but this too shall pass. Some plants flower in winter, your time will come.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 5 of Pentacles

Keywords for the 5 of Pentacles
Material loss; worries; setbacks; stagnation; tension building; lack of belief; desolation; feeling isolated; being down on your luck; unemployment; losing your faith; losing your home; falling ill; financial hardship through illness; being excommunicated from your religion or faith.
5 of Pentacles Reversed
Coming out of a dark period; small gains; a turn for the better; finding sanctuary; finding hope; minor losses; financial setback; temporary setbacks at home and/or work.
5 of Pentacles as People
The unemployed; the homeless; debt collectors; bailiffs; home repossessors; a social pariah; religious outcasts; undercover police/agents.

5 of Pentacles Correspondences

TimingApr 21 – Apr 30. Mercury in Taurus
Numerology5 – Instability, exaggeration, over exertion, strife, changes, freedom, loss
Card Counting Value5 – card number
Yes or NoNo

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