What Does the Queen of Pentacles Mean?

It is time to engage a new phase of life. Embark on a creative project, hobby or business. Move into your own home. Begin a legacy. The key is creation, making something you can show to others but enjoy just for yourself. Satisfaction rules here.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles General Keywords & Reversed Meanings

Motherly; caring; hospitable; comforting; safety & security; warmth; prosperity; success in business; loves luxury; veritable feasts; organised; creative; talented.
Narrow minded; selfish; immoral; slovenly; wasteful; greedy; insecure; obsessive; fanatical about cleanliness; phobias; neurotic; a gold digger.

Queen of Pentacles as People

Teacher; cook/chef; interior designer; personal shopper; mother earth; business woman; investor; administrator; manager; works with animals; jeweller; designer.
As People
A Mother Earth type; practical and dexterous; a natural homemaker; has an affinity with nature and gardening; an amazing multi-tasker; often a manager or businesswoman; sensual with an eye for aesthetics; organised and reliable; often into health and exercise, not always their own; nurtures and protects; is very perceptive.

Queen of Pentacles as Events & Inner Processes

As Events
Financial success with a project or business plan; expansion of business plans, promotion; changing jobs or career direction; entering into practical hobbies; going to exercise classes; redesigning your garden or home; family gatherings and good times; increase in income and abundance.
As Inner Processes
An increase in awareness; a need to take care and nurture yourself; inner replenishment; counting your blessings; learning to love yourself; a need to reconnect with nature; grounding yourself; self-acceptance; meditating and journeying.

Queens & Mothers

The Queen is but one way to represent the mature ladies that grace each suit. The main three decks follow this way but some decks break with this tradition. The Quest Tarot is one such deck where the court family is replaced with an actual family: father, mother, son & daughter. Changing the title of the card does shift the meaning a little and humanises the court card in a more familiar way, as I explore in How to Finally Conquer the Court Cards.

Queen of Pentaces Correspondences

ElementalWater of Earth. Queens are water, the suit is earth
TimingDec 13 – Jan 9
20° Sagittarius – 20° Capricorn
Rules 10 of Wands; 2 of Pentacles; 3 of Pentacles
QabalahBinah in Assiah
Numerical Values4 – card counting value / letters of the Tetragrammaton
3 – Tree of Life sephira – Binah
13 – sequential, following the Knight of Pentacles
Yes or NoYes

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