What Does the 7 of Pentacles Mean?

How long do you wait for your work to produce fruit? When do you wait? And when do you call time? You can wait too long or you can give up too soon. Either way, everything associated with the 7 of Pentacles takes time, a long time. Question is, how much time do you have?

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the 7 of Pentacles

Keywords for the 7 of Pentacles
Delays in payouts; long term returns; slow but steady growth; having to wait for reward or renumeration; not working as hard as you could; working through a dry spell; working for nothing; little reward for a lot of effort; persistence; belief in a project.
7 of Pentacles Reversed
Failure in business; blockages in production; fruitlessness; inertia; poor investments; a turn in either direction; prolonged difficulties; a break in difficulties; temporary relief in difficulties; fear of success; self-sabotage.
7 of Pentacles as People
Planners; farmers; long term investors; those that are patient; garden center workers; nursery & plant growers; tree surgeons.

7 of Pentacles Correspondences

TimingMay 11 – May 20. Saturn in Taurus
Numerology7 – Regaining or losing control, mastery, choices, responsibility, myth, secrets
Card Counting Value7 – card number
Yes or NoNo


7 of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Open-eyed honesty is your key to deciding your next steps.


This is a card of two stories. In the Thoth Tarot, it talks of failure. In the Rider, it has been interpreted as bearing fruit through patience – being in something for the long haul and allowing things to unfold or manifest in their own time.

That is all well and good when the clock is not ticking. What do you do if it is? How much time can you allow something to develop or produce before you call time on it? You hear of tales of miners giving up & selling on only to hear the mine scores big & they’d only been inches away from success…. The question is, how could they have possibly known they were so close?

The question for you is, how do you decide if something is worth the wait or if you should also call time on the endeavour? There is no easy answer. The Rider says wait, the Thoth says don’t and the Lo Scarabeo tries to find the middle ground. And so should you, and while you do so, ask yourself some very honest questions about whether this thing or situation is worth the wait. It still may fail and if it does, at least you had your eyes wide open for the process and you can learn where things went wrong.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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