What Does the 2 of Pentacles Mean?

Change is constant & nothing is more certain. The 2 of Pentacles suggest change is here, or coming & reminds you to seek harmony during this time. Chaos need not ensue. Fluidity through planning is advised.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the 2 of Pentacles

Movement; flux; maintaining balance; yin and yang; having ups and downs; a juggling act; growth through change; multi-tasking; a heavy workload; enjoying your work; welcome change; a move into a better phase.
An imbalance between work & home; not coping with work; discord; resisting change; a turn for the worse; incomplete projects; buckling under the pressure.
As People
Jugglers, accountants; shift workers; those with multiple jobs;/ dancers and performing artists; stock market investors/traders; buyers & sellers; market traders.</dd

2 of Pentacles Correspondences

TimingDec 22 – 30. Jupiter in Capricorn
Numerology2 – Duality, togetherness, a settling of the energy, union, love, balance
Card Counting Value2 – card number
Yes or NoYes


2 of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: In a demanding world, the key to success is balance.


Ladies, you’ll breeze through today. Gentlemen, hold onto your hats! Today will be action packed and require your full attention across the board. Your key role today is of the multitasker.

It seems that everyone and everything wants a piece of you, including your family, a run through your finances, a late call into work, the cakes you promised to make your 6 year old for school, a friend who’s stuck and needs your help…. the list could go on and on.

But no worries, you can handle it. The 2 of Pentacles is all about the balancing act and says that whatever you have to deal with today, and there will be lots of it, you’ll do so without batting an eyelid.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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