3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles from the Universal Waite=Smith TarotElement: Earth
Timing: Dec 31 – Jan 9. Mars in Capricorn
Numerology: 3 – Triplicity, expression, expansion of the idea, growth, first stages of completion.
Card Counting Value: 3
Keywords – Work; a new job or career; career satisfaction; doing a good job; effort; excellence; continued progression; being industrious; productivity; team work; consulting with others; getting outside help in.
Reversed: loss of work; dissatisfaction at work; being passed over for promotion; being demoted.

The Three of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

Material works, productivity, work and skill are just some of the keywords for the 3 of Pentacles and give you an indication of the day that lay before you.
If you think “no pain, no gain”, think again. This card is all about doing a great job and enjoying it too.
If you began a new project or task recently, you will begin to see your work increase as you nurture your projects into maturity.
While this is primarily aimed at work and working, this card also talks of doing a good job, no matter what the job is.
If you’re decorating your home, building a new garden shed, or sewing a new patchwork quilt, you can be rest assured you will achieve a lot today.
Productivity indicates growth and with your own efforts, you can see exponential growth today so long as you put the effort in.
And that really is the key to this card – doing the actual work.
Reverse this card and you will see a man sleeping on the job, not producing or creating anything. The frames behind him show a half finished job.
So here’s the thing – having something in place, or beginning something isn’t enough, you gotta work at it to make it succeed.
What will you work on today?

The 3 of Coins as the Tarot Card for the Week

3 of Coins: it’s all work, work, work this week with no break in sight! All those projects you began are coming to a head; new ones are just getting started and if that wasn’t enough – you have all your regular tasks that need dealing with. Will you have time to stop and breathe this week? Not likely! Though if you plan studiously for this week ahead, you may accomplish more than you think is possible. Delegate what you can and re-prioritise to help you complete your most important and time sensitive tasks first.
If you have applied for work, this could be the week when you get that all important acceptance letter. If you’re looking for work, opportunities will be all around you this week, so keep your eyes peeled, your suit pressed and your shoes cleaned & ready for impromptu interviews and meetings. Financially, if things have been tough, while this card doesn’t directly promise money, it can suggest that money is around you if you have eyes to see it and the gumption to earn it.
Keywords for everyone this week is attention to detail and working studiously amid all that work it’s possible to rush to finish your work and could see you performing just below your usual standards. It could also see you overlooking important aspects of your work which could land you in a spot of bother. This card has long talked about team work – delegate where necessary, and if you have to call in the cavalry to help finish your jobs this week – do it! A job well done is worth its weight in gold. So is celebrating your success with those who helped you and mean the most to you.

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