What Does the 3 of Pentacles Mean?

Working with others, or working with multiple systems & ideas reign with the 3 of Pentacles. There is an excellence that persists with this card also. Creating with your hands, forming & forging are also favoured.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 3 of Pentacles

Keywords for the 3 of Pentacles
Work; a new job or career; career satisfaction; doing a good job; effort; excellence; continued progression; being industrious; productivity; team work; consulting with others; getting outside help in; getting outside; co-operation; creating a masterpiece.
3 of Pentacles Reversed
Loss of work; dissatisfaction at work; being passed over for promotion; being demoted; unsatisfactory work; problems at work; obstacles on the job; delays to completion.
3 of Pentacles as People
Building surveyors; architects; builders; team members; builders; bricklayers/stonemasons; master craftsmen; carpenters; recruitment consultants.

3 of Pentacles Correspondences

TimingDec 31 – Jan 9. Mars in Capricorn
Numerology3 – Triplicity, expression, expansion of the idea, growth, first stages of completion
Card Counting Value3 – card number
Yes or NoYes

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