Page of Pentacles

page of pentaclesElement: Earth
Numerical Value: 11
Card Counting Value: 7
Timing: Mar 21 – Jun 20. Rules the Ace of Pentacles
As People:
A studious and methodical youth; enjoys learning, usually through practice; an apprentice; a nature lover; a doer and go-getter; a bringer of change; self-disciplined and determined.
As Events: News of a financial or business matter; a job offer or promotion; increase in physical activity; joining a gym or other outdoor activity; taking up a new hobby, particularly relating to nature.
As Inner Processes: Reconnecting with nature; preparing yourself for change(s); embarking on shamanic or meditative work; learning to accept your inner and outer beauty; empathy and benevolence; perseverance and application.
The Page of Pentacles Reversed: As a person, the Page of Pentacles reversed is clumsy and somewhat lazy. He uses neither his mind tools nor physical strength, and is given to indulging himself often. He has many capabilities but falls short of using them. His ideas are plentiful but he simply doesn’t have the drive or direction to see them through. He is insecure about his intelligence and will either be a college dropout or the eternal student, jumping from course to course without ever finishing any. He is also susceptible to depression and bouts of inertia.

The Page of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

Serving us today is the Princess of Pentacles, studious, creative and productive.
She takes an idea and can give it form, she can mold things into shape and being. She brings good tidings and messages of financial improvements, windfalls and gains.
She is the young woman of the hour. And I’m delighted.
All your hard efforts over recent days and weeks look to be paying off now with requests for work, recognition and financial gains, albeit small ones.
You have to begin somewhere and the Princess of Pentacles is helping you up the ladder. She is showing you that despite everything, you have the power to make this happen for yourself through your own efforts. Success comes to the those who work for it and she’s showing you that success is coming to you.
Keep up the good work and enjoy the rewards the Princess of Pentacles is bringing, but remember, this is just first base. To get to second base, you gotta work even harder.
I did say she was studious….

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