10 of Pentacles

ten of pentaclesElement: Earth
Timing: Sept 12 – 22. Mercury in Virgo
Numerology: 10 – Ultimate completion, final manifestation, result of true will, recognition, continuation, realisation, endings.
Card Counting Value: 10
Keywords – Richness; abundance; wealth; family stability; prosperity; satisfaction; treasures found; an inheritance; a lottery
win; a supportive & tight-knit family; a family business.
Reversed: disputes about family money; fights within the family; financial losses; a lost inheritance.

Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot

Explore the Hermit and related cards associated with Virgo. Cards shown here are from the Nigel Jackson Tarot

A detailed and thoughtful exploration of Virgo as represented through tarot including topics such as numerology and astrology, ancient history, mysticism and alchemy. See how the 10 of Pentacles relates to Virgo and it’s partner cards directly associated with this zodiac sign and see how you can relate them to yourself and your life in a more meaningful way.

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