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The internet is awash with free tarot readings. A quick Google search will return page after page of tarot reading websites all trying to tempt you into their world of free tarot readings. It’s hard to know which ones to trust, not only with your information, but also with the tarot readings they actually provide.

I have recommended free tarot reading sites before so when I was approached by*, I was interested to see what they had to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed.

There are seven free tarot readings to choose from:

  1. The Doors to Discovery
  2. The Path of the Pyramids
  3. Crystal Ball Reading
  4. Oracle of the Moon Reading
  5. The Angel Oracle
  6. Cupid’s Oracle Love Reading
  7. Classic 32 Card Reading

After road-testing all of the readings on their site, taking copious notes and comparing the styles, options and spread positions, I arrived at my Top Three Favourite Free Tarot Readings from Eva Delattre via

  1. The Doors to Discovery
  2. The Path of the Pyramids
  3. Cupid’s Oracle Love Reading

The Doors to Discovery Free Tarot Reading doors-to-discovery tarot reading

This was my favourite tarot reading from the beginning. It deals from the full deck and is closer to a tarot reading than an oracle reading provided some of the other readings that used the Major Arcana only.

It covers topics such as The Elements of Your Personality, Predictions (for the current month), and what they call Synthesis. It provided a nice balance of detail and generality that if you were a tarot novice or tarot reader, you would gain from this reading. A novice could be happy with what has been delivered, and a tarot reader can embelish the reading with their own take on the cards.

See Question 16 from my Tarot FAQ: 33 Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot; I bought a tarot reading and didn’t agree with the tarot reader’s interpretations of the cards. Was my reading wrong? for my thoughts on re-interpreting a reading you received from another.

The reading talked about my goals and projects as well as describing me, and where I am in my life right now. It brought this together really well in the final part of the reading in a way I’ve not seen from other free tarot reading sites.

The Path of the Pyramids path to the pyramid tarot reading

Also using a full deck of tarot cards (Egyptian in style), the Path of the Pyramids Free Tarot Reading gave a nice amount of detail to the reading.

The three main sections from this free tarot reading are: What Attributes Could Help You to Get Closer to Your Goals During the (current month)?, What Events Do You Need to Prepare For?, and Things You Should Know About Your Life Path. Again, it was comprehensive and detailed and I liked the interpretations even though they often seemed a little different to my own.

See Question 13 from my Tarot FAQ: 33 Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot, Why do some people have different meanings for the cards? for my thoughts on different interpretations of the cards between readers.

This reading also looked at goals (you know how much I like to explore pro-active tarot spreads) and what you want to achieve currently. I loved the section titles as they make great tarot questions and spread positions, which is half the battle to receiving a really great tarot reading.

Cupid’s Oracle Love Reading cupids-oracle tarot reading

Over the course of road-testing the different free tarot readings on, I received advice multiple times about meeting a person – I’m staying open to that!

However, it was the Cupid’s Oracle Love Reading that provided more clarity and much more detail about my future love life. Detail in this case does not refer to dates, names and places etc. That would be impossible for a software generated free online tarot reading.

The details refer to: Your Character, Cupid’s Arrows and Cupid’s Promises. This reading used the Major Arcana only and did read more like an oracle reading, but I was pleased with it because your love life does not exist in isolation from the rest of your life and the reading drew on other areas of life that were intermingled.

Free online tarot readings from are personable & jargon free. It's a smart way to get an online tarot reading. #tarot #tarotreading #freetarot #onlinetarot Share on X

I’m not a lover of the ‘tall, dark handsome stranger’ type tarot readings and so I was really happy with the reading I had with the Cupid’s Oracle. The information was useful rather than fully predictive. It showed pointers and that allows you to see how the information can be applied to your situation, and how you can improve things.

What I liked about

To begin with, they have been a delight to deal with. I was impressed with their admin and thought it a good omen to proceed. There was never any pressure.

The site itself is easy navigate, and as there are seven tarot readings to choose from (the hint is in the name), the site is clean and you never feel lost.

I especially liked that you do not have to give over any of your personal information in exchange for your reading, not even your first name. There is no advertising on the site and I hope it stays that way as without the distraction of flashing lights and popping images, it helps to stay focused on your reading.

The interpretations are written in a cohesive way; that is, the individual cards are read in their groups which means you don’t have to try and understand what the cards mean because it’s been done for you. It’s jargon free and makes total sense. It’s a really smart way to produce an automated tarot reading.

One of the hardest things about tarot reading is interpreting the cards so they have meaning in your life. achieve that with their free tarot readings. #tarot #tarotreadings Share on X

There is currently no way to save your readings and you cannot copy and paste the readings into a word processor or software like OneNote or Evernote. This is really to protect the site from being plagiarised and I respect that. You can, however, screenshot your readings if you are savvy enough to do multiple screenshots and then save your jpgs (image files) into your file sorting software.

All in all, for a free tarot reading about your life, love and relationships, Eva Delattre and have created a great product and I will certainly be back for more.

*This is a sponsored post and while I have been paid to write this, I agreed to do it only after I had personally road-tested the site, the free tarot readings on offer, mulitple times over many days. I even had a couple of friends try it out too. I am writing this endorsement from personal experience and believe you too can benefit from the free tarot readings this site provides. If you have any questions regarding this sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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