The Power of Tarot and Life Coaching

One of the reasons I have a problem with predictive tarot readings of the ‘tall dark handsome’ variety is my belief that we have more control over our lives than we think; but most of the power we have is buried within leaving us to believe we don’t have any at all.

A predictive tarot reading can strip your power away, if you let it.

What you want has to come from within, and be directed from there also, but that also brings us a whole host of other problems unless we have a high level of personal insight and awareness.

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We can also help a predictive tarot reading come true through use of cognitive biases, making them become self-fulfilling prophecies. We can unconsciously make decisions to bring about the prediction, or become aligned to it. The problem here is the removal of choice, again unconsciously, particularly if the predicted outcome is not what the querent would have hoped for.

It can be said that the decisions and choices a person makes narrows the final stages of a journey enough to make, ‘you can do anything you want’ statements useless. Having narrowed the final stages, we are fast approaching an outcome we may not have really wanted, had we not been fully aware or conscious of those decisions in the first place. (An example of this is the Immediate Future position in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.)

If we haven’t begun from the right place, we will not be on the right track to success in our goal.

Being able to take stock en route is a useful tool in helping to keep focused on the goal ahead, making us a real proponent of our own success.

As an aside to the last paragraph, we can begin from the right place – put in place the right mindset, plans, goals and begin to make change practically and physically – literally change course; but we must also remember in doing so, this means we will also be hit by the meteors from previous decisions and actions long forgotten.

We mustn’t take these setbacks and obstacles as failures – they are not part of the current path, they are simply like asteroids in a computer game that we must dodge or deal with in order to stay on track with our current chosen path and goal.

This is vital if we are to not lose heart, hope or momentum. If you have been easily derailed from your dreams before, you must see current obstacles for what they really are and where they came from – they are not taking you off course, they are not part of the future – they are just remnants of a previous path coming into being.

This should prove to you that you can effect change in your life and noting these now unwanted obstacles as proof of your superpowers of manifestation and intent.

From now on, armed with this knowledge that you are a manifesting magic machine, you can believe and have hope that your current dream and goal is being formulated to be with you in the not so distant future.

Be Your Own Tarot Life Coach

Over the next few posts, I am going to show you how you can approach the cards from a pro-active perspective, introduce you to an easy way to plan your life goals and reveal some new pro-active tarot spreads, as well as show you how you can convert existing tarot spreads into new and more informative tarot spreads that take you from being a passive participant in your life to driver of your dreams.

When you combine the insightful nature of the tarot with a mindset to achieve, you are creating a powerful partnership which can help guide you to success.

A lot of people assume life coaching is about achieving big goals and this may seem out of reach to some. But in truth, life coaching can help bring about small changes as well as big ones. Often, the big changes and goals are broken down in smaller ones, which are easier to achieve. The Japanese call this process Kaizen, and we will explore this in future posts.

In the meantime, don’t worry about how far away your dreams may seem, or how out of reach they appear. By breaking them down and creating a life plan, you can achieve your dreams. With some simple tools and a new way to look at the cards themselves, I can show you how.

If you would like to try some pro-active tarot readings for yourself, check out the following tarot spreads, homegrown and adapted to help you achieve more:

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