Visconti-Sforza Review: The Golden Tarot


Not to be confused with Kat Black’s Golden Tarot (a renaissance collage deck with gilt edges), this Golden Tarot is a redrawing of the Visconti-Sforza deck.

For this review, I will be using the US Games Pierpoint Morgan issue of the Visconti-Sforza tarot as the comparison deck and point of reference as I believe this is the deck the publisher has used as their base for this production.

The creative team for this project is Mary Packard (book) and Rachel Clowes (cards). Surprisingly neither has a tarot or occult background. Surprising because both their individual efforts sit well together and would not be out of place in anyone’s tarot library.

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The Ultimate Tarot Book

Tarot Beyond the Basics, by Anthony Louis
A number of tarot books are published every year and while they serve the market well, not many really break rank from the tried and tested formula of presenting to the new tarot reader. Tarot books that speak to the intermediate or advanced tarot reader are not easy to find, or are limited to focusing on a single subject within the genre. Until now.

Tarot Beyond the Basics breaks the mould and sets a new standard. Prior to this excellent work, my own go-to books have been Theresa Michelson’s The Complete Tarot Reader, Liz Hazel’s Tarot Decoded, and the time-honoured 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack.

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Pisces Music


Continuing his excellent series on music & astrology, Mick Frankel guides us through the murky waters of the musical Pisces mind.

Deck Review: Aquatic Tarot


…a brief visual review.

Aquatic Tarot Header

Visual Reviews are designed to help you find out about a tarot deck without the verbage. The emphasis is on seeing a selection of the cards with the minimum amount of written words to plow through, allowing you to form an opinion on the deck without having to read mine.

Introducing the Aquatic Tarot – the deck you can’t buy but should be using, if you’re a blogger.

Let me explain. The Aquatic Tarot is a digital deck, meaning it’s not available to buy in printed form as a pack of cards – the images are available only online. It was created by German artist, Andreas Schröter, and is free to use and download.

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Deck Review: The Steampunk Tarot


Enter a world of industry, machinations, adventurers and pioneers in the long awaited and highly anticipated Steampunk Tarot from Barbara Moore and Aly Fell…

Getting a new deck is always exciting and unraveling what lay inside is always a big event for me. Unwrapping the Steampunk Tarot was no different. The outer packaging is sumptuous and builds the anticipation for what’s inside – a beautifully written, very comprehensive 300 page Steampunk Tarot Manual penned by Barbara and a set of stunningly beautiful tarot cards skillfully painted by Aly under Barbara’s insightful and creative direction. The result is delightful, stimulating and thought provoking.

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Should You Learn Tarot With the Rider Waite-Smith Only?

We feature a lot of different decks on the Tarot Elements Fan Page on Facebook and it’s an integral part of our community there. ALL of the interpretations given by Friends are pretty awesome and make me glad everyday that I get to read such wonderful insights.

Those insights came from many sources to the Tarot Lovers who shared them and from the many different tarot decks that they use daily. We mainly feature the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot Deck and its many clones on the Fan Page and it got me wondering about where they, and every other Tarot Lover, began their tarot journey – was it with the Rider Waite-Smith deck or one of its cousins? Which of course then lead me to the question:

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Is Your Life Pre-Determined by a Greater Force?

Those of you who know me well enough know that life has been hard these past few months. Well, quite a few months really, right back into last year, and quite possibly before that.

All the plans I’ve made, the things I want to do, keep getting stalled. When I think things are moving again, the rug gets pulled from under me and I’m back to where I started. Road block after road block gets in my way. I think of a way out and boom. Can’t go that way.

So it got me thinking, as tough times usually do. Is there something else going on here? Am I missing the bigger picture? Why all these road blocks? Why, when I think things are moving forward again, do they come to a complete stop? Is there a reason for this, apart from another Mercury Retrograde?

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