Tarot Book Review: The Tarot Colouring Book

While there has been an explosion in adult colouring books recently, the activity of colouring in a tarot deck is an already established one. The only problem was you had to be a member of a mystical, magical and altogether secret society to be instructed in this fine art.

For art, as we understand it, it was not. This was presented as art with a higher purpose: the art being the understanding and application of knowledge of colour, divination systems, religion, magic et al. These secrets are no more and whether you are aware of it or not, you work with a tarot deck that has been skillfully crafted in both types of art.

Thankfully, those of you who use tarot for divination, or your own purposes outside of secret society rules, colouring in a tarot deck is an excellent method to help you connect with your cards on a deeper level.

Enter The Tarot Colouring Book

Black & white tarot card images for you to colour as you please

What makes this tarot colouring book different?

This one is written by Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady. If you are familiar with her work or have caught up with her on social media (which she rocks, by the way), you know exactly what I mean.

If not, know this: no-one else will give you tarot straight up like Theresa.

If you are new to this game, or are getting increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there – stay with Theresa; she will have you understanding and reading tarot in record time.

The reason most beginners never get beyond that stage is the amount of systems over-layed onto the cards; systems that some authors will tell you are absolutely required reading and learning if you are to progress further.

Both Theresa and myself would tell you it’s not necessary to learn extra systems to enhance your tarot reading and understanding. Some of the best tarot readers I know and have experienced stayed true to their tarot roots and kept it clean and meaningful to them. Theresa is also a professional astrologer and aside from elemental associations, she doesn’t flood her book with correspondences that will leave your head spinning. She knows what it takes to learn tarot cleanly, quickly and easily.

And that’s what you get from Theresa and her book – tarot served straight up and delivered succinctly.

Tarot goodness on every page

Contents page from the Tarot Colouring Book

The Tarot Colouring Book is not just seventy-eight pages of outlined tarot cards for you to colour in. Theresa has also assisted the reader with tarot card meanings for each card as well as a discussion of some of the more obvious symbols and their meanings. She includes tarot card meanings for upright as well as reversed cards and a narrative about the colours that appear on the deck featured in her book, the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot.

There is a Tarot To Go cheat sheet for tarot card keywords, an introduction to reading one, two and three card spreads and top tips from a tarot pro. And the masterstroke with this tarot colouring book? It’s spiral bound. Yep, easy page turning while you’re colouring in and learning about tarot. Genius.

This book is a great introduction to learning about tarot cards and I thoroughly recommend it. Aside from this introduction, Theresa has multiple tools, courses and ebooks available via her website when you’re ready to consolidate your tarot card learning. She has you covered.


Publisher: Sounds True
ISBN-13: 978-1-62203-790-2
Author: Theresa Reed

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