Should You Learn Tarot With the Rider Waite-Smith Only?

We feature a lot of different decks on the Tarot Elements Fan Page on Facebook and it’s an integral part of our community there. ALL of the interpretations given by Friends are pretty awesome and make me glad everyday that I get to read such wonderful insights.

Those insights came from many sources to the Tarot Lovers who shared them and from the many different tarot decks that they use daily. We mainly feature the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot Deck and its many clones on the Fan Page and it got me wondering about where they, and every other Tarot Lover, began their tarot journey – was it with the Rider Waite-Smith deck or one of its cousins? Which of course then lead me to the question:

Should you learn tarot with the Rider Waite-Smith only?

Considering the amount of symbolism it contains, from images, icons, colours & numbers, it has given birth to so many other decks – is it necessary to learn with that deck first and then spread your wings onto other tarot decks? Or does it matter at all?

I didn’t begin with the Rider Waite-Smith but I found it quickly to deepen my knowledge. Is that more to do with most study materials being based on the RWS or because it’s the Daddy of them all? Do you think it’s possible to learn with other symbolically rich decks like the Robin Wood Tarot and not touch the RWS at all?

And of course, I can’t resist being so nosey – what tarot deck did YOU learn with and if it wasn’t the RWS, did you succumb to its charms eventually?


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