You’re Gonna Have to Face it, You’re Addicted to Tarot…

We’ve all seen client’s addicted to Tarot readings – they come back time and again but way too often to be healthy. It’s one of the reasons a large number of Tarot readers have a code of ethics, to protect the vulnerable, and themselves from over-use, or, dare I say it, abuse of their services; and perhaps one of the reasons many Psychic Lines are constantly busy.
I find that a fascinating subject and one I will perhaps write about after this post. What I’m interested in talking about today is Tarot Readers who are addicted to having tarot readings themselves.
I have a couple of friends* who currently don’t seem able to make a decision without either:

  1. Picking up their Tarot deck and doing full readings covering every aspect of their issue
  2. Picking up the phone and getting me to do their full readings for them

Now you may think me heartless, a friend in need is a friend in need right? I agree, only what I’m talking about is constant use of Tarot for decision making and ‘seeing how things are going to go’. I wouldn’t continue to be a good friend to either of them if I didn’t check them on this behaviour because it worries me, and during my thoughts of concern, a ton of questions ran through my mind.

  • How widespread is this throughout the Tarot community?
  • How many other Tarot readers are hopelessly addicted to having Tarot readings?
  • Do you indulge your Tarot buddies with readings because you don’t want to offend them?
  • Are you addicted to giving yourself Tarot readings for the issues you face daily?**
  • Do you, as a Tarot reader, call Psychic Lines regularly for readings so your friends don’t know you do it?
  • Where is the line between gaining clarity and being addicted to having Tarot readings?
  • Where do you draw the line between throwing a few cards out to having (or giving yourself) a full on Tarot reading for every issue that occurs in your life, or the development of those issues?

I think that list of questions could go on. What I want to do is throw this one over to you so you can share your ideas, thoughts and experiences on the subject.
I really don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully wean my friends off their addiction to Tarot readings, perhaps your thoughts and ideas can help.
One final question though, and it bothers me the most – at what point do I stop myself being involved in their addiction?

  • *No friends were harmed in the writing of this post – I have their full permission to discuss their issue.
  • **Other than the universally acceptable practice of pulling a card a day; otherwise known as the Daily Draw


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