Page of Swords

page of swordsElement: Air
Timing: Dec 22 – Mar 20
Numerical value: 11
Card Counting Value: 7
As people:
A quick-witted and quick-minded youngster; analytical and a logical thinker; can be seen to be aloof, but is a keen observer; enjoys the written word and languages; a student.
As Events:
News of official matters, legalities, bureaucracy; delays in business and personal projects; gossip and chatter; documents being prepared, delivered or delayed; the post; going to college or university.
As Inner Processes:
Facing inner demons; overcoming moods; regaining mental clarity; settling inner conflicts; internal rebellion; self belief and confidence; understanding wisdom; getting over yourself!

The Princess of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

The Princess of Swords from the Renaissance Tarot has lofty spiritual goals. She see where she is and where she wants to go.
To achieve those spiritual goals she must overcome mental blocks, negative thinking, gossip and communication issues.
And so must you.
Whether your goals are spiritual or mundane, you will only achieve your aims by a change in your thinking and the Princess of Swords is the one card in the tarot with enough belief and innocence of life to bring that about.
She carries the Ace of Swords in her hands, symbol of clear thinking and brilliant ideas with the ability to cut through negative thinking.
Today, you are the Princess of Swords and you carry the Ace of Swords within you.
It’s time to bring out your Sword of Power and cut those cords to negativity and limited thinking. It’s time to think differently and raise your sights on some lofty goals. It’s time to silence your inner critic and ignore the gossips and detractors who only seek to perpetuate your misery.
We often read that we must unlock our inner guide or power. We don’t often read how we can do that. But you can today and you are right now.
Choose to think differently. Call on the Princess of Swords and your Sword of Power to help you.

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