5 of Swords

Five of SwordsElement: Air
Timing: Jan 20 – Jan 29. Venus in Aquarius
Numerology: 5 – Instability, exaggeration, over exertion, strife, changes, freedom, loss
Card Counting Value: 5 – card value
Yes/No Questions: No
Keywords – Defeatism; arguments; negativity; dissension; discord; troubles, disturbances; feeling defeated; feeling broken; scoring points; a smear campaign; spite and malice; not standing up for yourself; being heavy handed; a coupe; selfishness; revenge.
Reversed: an attempt at disruption; petty arguments; attention seeking behavior; malicious gossip; paranoia; intimidation; manipulation; humiliation; uncovering a plot against you.

The Five of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

The 5 of Swords brings with it a troubled energy, arguments, dissension, bullying, spitefulness, even greed.
It’s a clear interaction of a negative nature putting you in one of two camps – the victim or the aggressor.
Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?
We don’t always see ourselves as the aggressor and yet our words can cut through another like a knife through butter.
Make your point if you must, but ask yourself at what cost to the other? Is it absolutely essential to your well being, to your soul, or to your ego to be absolutely right? Must you have the last word?
Being hurt by another’s words can leave lasting effects, as the childhood verse says, “sticks and stones….” Ask yourself though if what you’re feeling has any real validity.
Is it also necessary for you to want to try and drill your point home too? If you are the victim, it’s because you were bested – it doesn’t necessarily make you any better than the aggressor, you just didn’t win this one.
Keep in mind this is the energy for one day, and not any length of time. It can become problematic if it’s a regular and persistent event your experiencing.
For today, keep an eye on your actions and responses with others. Watch your words, but even better, question your need to respond at all. Point scoring is actually a pretty useless past time and a total wast of your energy, something you could be putting to better use elsewhere.
What tactics could you employ to have a better experience of the 5 of Swords?

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