What Does the 5 of Swords Mean?

Defeat can be real & perceived. What may not be the end can feel like it when efforts have been large. Feeling defeated can ruin future plans in a devastating way & it is easy to fall into depression when things don’t go well.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 5 of Swords

Keywords for the 5 of Swords
Defeatism; arguments; negativity; dissension; discord; troubles, disturbances; feeling defeated; feeling broken; scoring points; a smear campaign; spite and malice; not standing up for yourself; being heavy handed; a coupe; selfishness; revenge.
5 of Swords Reversed
An attempt at disruption; petty arguments; attention seeking behavior; malicious gossip; paranoia; intimidation; manipulation; humiliation; uncovering a plot against you.
5 of Swords as People
Swordsmen; troubleshooters; politicians and councilors; spies; conscientious objectors; a tyrannical employer; the office gossip; bullies; bailiffs.

5 of Swords Correspondences

TimingJan 20 – Jan 29. Venus in Aquarius
Numerology5 – Instability, exaggeration, over exertion, strife, changes, freedom, loss
Card Counting Value5 – card number
Yes or NoNo

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