King of Swords

king of swordsElement: Air
Timing: May 11 – Jun 10
Numerical value: 14
Card Counting Value: 4
As People: A decision-maker, a judge or mediator; has a sharp mind and high intellect; found in many of the professional careers; lives by clear logic and fact; diplomatic and a great communicator; an orator, writer and critical thinker; feels deeply but shows little emotion; ambitious but flexible in his approach; lives by justice and fairness; in modern society he lives by the pen instead of the sword.
As Events: Making plans and organising events; dealing with the authorities; facing big decisions; setting boundaries and rules; taking control and man-managing a situation; meeting with a legal expert or facing a legal case; completing university studies; success and/or completion of a literary project; signing of contracts; acting as a mediator; acting swiftly and decisively.
As Inner Processes: Putting aside your emotions to make an informed decision; learning to see all sides of a dispute; thinking for yourself; applying mind over matter; expanding on inner wisdom; filtering thoughts and imagination into cohesive ideas and projects; goal-setting and having commitment to those goals.

The King of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

The King of Swords, thinking man of the tarot. Never in a rush, never in any doubt, always great in a crisis….
Does that mean you’ll be having one? Maybe. But it’s more likely that whatever you’re faced with today, you will be able to handle things efficiently, calmly and decisively.
And if you find yourself over-reacting and in a blind panic?
Stop yourself and think like the King of Swords.
He has a highly developed brain often given away by his ‘egg-head’ appearance. His beard grows straight and to the point; and ever the diplomat, he keeps his beak out of other people’s business, unless he’s called to mediate.
This is a great card if you’re facing some tough decisions, it shows you will make the right one – not necessarily for everyone else so don’t expect a round of applause across the board. The King of Swords wouldn’t be concerned with upsetting the few in making the right decision, he’d leave that to the King of Cups instead.
Legal dealings or documents, business meetings, work related issues that involve the HR department, anything of an official capacity will be the tone of the day. That may or may not be good for you, it depends on your position.
If you’re waiting on good news, great – you’ll get to hear it. If you’re not, act like this king would, with dignity and poise. Not one to react in emotion, he would hear the news and think on things for a while before he delivered his reply. And so must you. If you’re not hearing the best news today, you can still present the best version of yourself to the outside world.
If you find yourself having to make a big decision today, take a leaf out of the King of Swords’ book and think it through first, from every perspective, being fair and just in the process.
Whatever your day brings – think and act like this king and you’ll end the day with a smile.

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