What Does the 9 of Swords Mean?

You simply cannot let go of negative thoughts, past trauma & bad behaviour. Nightmares & insomnia become familiar & drain you further. The 9 of Swords advises you regain perspective so you recover your position.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 9 of Swords

Keywords for the 9 of Swords
Mental cruelty; verbal assault; worry; sleepless nights; self-harm; betrayal; mental anguish and suffering; despondency; a turn for the worse; anxiety; psychosomatic illness; despair; feeling hopeless and helpless; nightmares; insomnia.
9 of Swords Reversed
prolonged anxiety; going over old ground; not finding the solution; mental exhasution; seeing an end to despair; a turn for the better; sleep patterns improving; the beginnings of hope; starting to believe.
9 of Swords as People
Insomniacs; those awaiting surgery; neurosurgeons; therapy patients; night shift workers; bearers of bad news; court couriers.

9 of Swords Correspondences

TimingJune 1 – June 10. Mars in Gemini
Numerology9 – Strength, compassion, completion, optimism, suffering
Card Counting Value0 – card number
Yes or NoNo


9 of Swords as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Overcome your fears and face the day.


The message is always clear with the 9 of Swords – you are worrying about something(s) and it has taken over your whole world. You cannot sleep, you are off your food. Thoughts swirl around your head like a maelstorm of angry birds. Wherever this began, and whatever was the problem, your worrying is now out of control and is a problem all by itself.

I won’t tell you to try and stop worrying because naturally, you would, if you could. But I will ask you to try and regain some perspective. If you are in a hole, you need to find a way out of it, not make it bigger. The worrying will only ease when you can see a way through the maelstrom and you can only do that through a change of perspective and a way forward. You need the Hanged Man and the Knight of Pentacles to help you here and a few words from an old stalwart:

“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.” Sir Winston Churchill

Be strong, have faith & believe in your own capacity to overcome & prosper.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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