What Does the 6 of Swords Mean?

You are about to embark on a journey – from an unsafe place, an unfulfilling job or an unsatisfactory relationship. This is not an emotional reaction but a well thought out & logical response to a situation you can no longer ignore.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 6 of Swords

Keywords for the 6 of Swords
Mental clarity; ideas coming together; using logic to find the solution; using your intellect; an inner journey of discovery; an actual journey; relocation; a period of calmness ahead; living through difficult times; successfully navigating a difficult period; a cruise.
6 of Swords Reversed
Mental fog; not being able to figure out a solution; delayed travel; unsettled times ahead; feeling directionless; prolonged difficulties; being led astray; temporary respite.
6 of Swords as People
Drivers; oarsmen; sailors; travelers; teachers and mentors; tour guides and travel agents; chauffeurs and taxi drivers.

6 of Swords Correspondences

TimingJan 30 – Feb 8. Mercury in Aquarius
Numerology6 – Movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy
Card Counting Value6 – card number
Yes or NoMaybe

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