8 of Swords

eight of swordsElement: Air
Timing: May 21 – May 31. Jupiter in Gemini
Numerology: 8 – Manifestation, practicality, skill, absolute decisions, business, the ego.
Card Counting Value: 8
Keywords – Interference; sheer bad luck; being held back; mental blockages; unforeseen obstructions; fulfilling obligations; self-sabotage; fear of failure; holding yourself back; quitting before you fail.
Reversed: being released from obligations; taking steps to empowerment; overcoming fear.

Proactive Tarot

The need to restrict yourself. So, not self-indulgence, nor overspending, where excess may be an issue for you, reign yourself in. It is the perfect depiction of a dieter. In life, where you feel compelled to share more than you should, self-restraint is in order. Less is more. The rule of 24. A person in training to change behaviours or prevent the repeating of negative patterns. Self-imposed restraint really does have its positive aspect.


The 8 of Swords is often seen in a negative light, many tarot decks depict this card with dark and brooding colours and stormy skies, but there is another side to this card that the Golden Dawn saw that isn’t talked of much and that is of single-minded focus. In its right proportion it can be a good thing, but taken too far and it can become all encompassing – hence the bondage, the blindfolds, the self-sabotage and a very heavy price to pay in your own isolation. This isn’t always an external force but often an inner one. What does this card say to you? Is it sheer bad luck, being trapped, imprisoned or marooned?

The Eight of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

Today will see many delays and restrictions placed upon you.
The 8 of Swords speaks of interference from internal and external influences, so while there are things beyond your control, there are plenty within it.
Negative thinking, while hard to eradicate, can keep you in a holding pattern.
Repeated failures only serve to reinforce what you’ve come to believe – that nothing goes right for you, and all of your efforts seem pointless.
The hummingbird, representative of your inner guide, urges you to be still for a moment and move gently and quietly. Grand gestures and wailing dramas only serve to perpetuate your dilemma.
Overthinking a problem or situation can often make it worse. Now is not the time for a knee-jerk reaction.
Will it be a difficult day? Most likely.
This isn’t a day for quick fixes. It’s a day for navigating those difficulties and applying yesterday’s message from the Hermit, take stock of your situation while you have the time to.
The hummingbird is your saving grace today.
Take heed of its message and be patient.

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