What Does the Ace of Wands Mean?

Always a new beginning of some kind, the Ace of Wands brings energy, impetus and a renewed sense of being. If you’re starting something new, consider it blessed

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Ace of Wands

Keywords for the Ace of Wands
The creative spark; a new project or creative endeavour; a passionate union; a new start; willpower; implementing your will; inspiration; illumination; virility; spiritual insights; the vital life force; impetus.
Ace of Wands Reversed
Projects that don’t get going; false starts; delays; impotence; loss of energy; loss of passion; lost opportunities; a broken will; will power defeated.
Ace of Wands as People
Entrepreneurs; inventors; creators; magicians; goal setters and go getters; pioneers and adventurers; mystics and spiritual leaders.

Ace of Wands Correspondences

Elemental Fire
Timing Jun 21 – Sep 20
Rules space not time & sits upon the Princess (Page) of Wands as its throne
Qabalah Kether of Atziluth
Numerical Values 1 – Pioneering, leading, alpha, dominance, ambitious, originality
5 – card counting value: four elements plus spirit
11 – card counting value: magick
Yes or No Yes

*See Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology for an explanation of the Ace & Page rulerships.


The Ace of Wands as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Act on your ideas


The Ace of Wands is the best indication in the tarot that you are onto a winner. That creative idea you’ve had, the inspiration, the stirrings – now is the time to bring it to fruition with this card and its life-giving energy.

Akin to the All Spark in the Transformers stories, the Ace of Wands gives birth to everything that is possible. If you haven’t experienced the inspiration I’m talking about here – prepare to. Let the All Spark stir in you and fan your internal flame as your find your creative genius & give birth to you ideas.

This is sure to be one of the best days of the year – use it well.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


Always a new beginning of some kind, the Ace of Wands brings energy, impetus and a renewed sense of being. If you're starting something new, consider it blessed. #tarot #dailytarot #learntarot #tarotcardmeanings #tarotelements Share on X

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