Page of Wands

page of wandsElement: Fire

Timing: Jun 21 – Sept 22. Rules the Ace of Wands

Numerical value: 11

Card Counting Value: 7


As People:
A lively active child or youth; one who is creative and very hands on; one who is fearless; energetic and has an innate vitality; has a can-do attitude but can be impetuous too; a pleasure seeker.

As Events:
News of a new project, business or otherwise; communication of all sorts, but usually of the swift kind – emails, phone calls etc; party invitations; new possibilities; expect the unexpected.

As Inner Processes:
Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs; re-finding your purpose or vitality; revisiting your childhood dreams with a view to making them real; digging deep and taking the plunge; stepping into your limelight; being courageous and daring.

The Page of Wands as a Daily Tarot Card

Ooh, you adventurous lot – what an action packed day you’ll all be having and the good news is you’re gonna love it!

I love the Warrior Princess, namesake of the Princess (or Page) of Wands, this little lady is no shrinking violet – she’s daring, bold and afraid of nothing.

This is what you can tap into today and expect of yourself – confidence, single-minded focus and a playfulness that keeps the whole day more pleasurable.

Any fears that may have raised their heads yesterday are being thoroughly overcome today and consigned to the trash – good for you!

The Sidhe sing a beautful song about the Warrior Princess:

She stands in the center of the flame,
Yet courage holds her steady aim,
She is daring, free and bold of will,
She thrives on danger’s exquisite thrill…

What a thoroughly wonderful day lay ahead of you. Just tap into you inner Warrior Princess and face the day with a renewed vigour and sense of purpose, the world being your oyster and your eyes firmly on goals.

Nothing can stop you today, and there’s not a fear in sight.

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