What Does the Queen of Wands Mean?

The Queen of Wands indicates a transformation, a stepping into your power & becoming yourself. Passion, belief & sensuality all inform this dynamic & charismatic woman.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands General Keywords & Reversed Meanings

Mother; sexual; flirty; social; dynamic; expressive; creatrix; open-minded; clairvoyant; telepathic; femme fatale; dominatrix.
Shallow & egotistic; dramatic & demanding; ruthless ambition; prone to self-sabotage; interference; self-deception; selfish; vain.

The Queen of Wands as People

Aerobics teacher; exotic dancer; business woman; counsellor; manager; performer; reporter/journalist; art and design; executive/director.
As People
An energetic and lively woman; creative but expansive; intuitive and self-confident; endless pizazz; a tough business woman; independent and dynamic; sensual and passionate; a visionary with an eye for the unusual; ambitious and determined; often a hedonist or thrill-seeker; enjoys socialising.

The Queen of Wands as Events & Processes

As Events:
Success in business or other endeavours; taking up a new creative, but active hobby; seeking or finding a mentor or guide; expansion of business or career; the time is right to go for your dream!
As Inner Processes:
Embarking on a period of self-development; exploring spirituality; seeking psychic or spiritual experience; finding a personal failing and actively seeking to correct it; learning to be more daring and bold; a pep talk from female ancestors.

Queens & Mothers

The Queen is but one way to represent the mature ladies that grace each suit. The main three decks follow this way but some decks break with this tradition. The Quest Tarot is one such deck where the court family is replaced with an actual family: father, mother, son & daughter. Changing the title of the card does shift the meaning a little and humanises the court card in a more familiar way, as I explore in How to Finally Conquer the Court Cards.

Queen of Wands Correspondences

Elemental Water of Fire. Queens are water, the suit is Fire
Timing Mar 11 – Apr 10
20° Pisces – 20° Aries
Rules 10 of Cups; 2 of Wands; 3 of Wands
Qabalah Binah in Atziluth
Numerical Values 4 – card counting value / letters of the Tetragrammaton
3 – Tree of Life sephira – Binah
13 – sequential, following the Knight of Wands
Yes or No Yes


Queen of Wands as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: When you experience your natural confidence today, remember it so you can use it again, and again, and again…


Bold, dynamic & kick-ass – that’s the energy available today, courtesy of the enigmatic Queen of Wands. And about time too. If you’ve been struggling in life lately, it’s time to regain control and get some forward movement happening.

Some of you may be involved in creative projects, others may be just discovering themselves – whatever camp you fall into, you’ll be feeling really good about yourself which makes you not just Miss Radiance, but also Miss Productive too as nothing seems to stand in your way.

Whatever you get to play with today – work, business, home decorating, your kung fu class – you’ll be the Queen of Dynamism. And don’t you just deserve it?! How will you let your inner Queen of Wands direct your day?

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


The Queen of Wands indicates a transformation, a stepping into your power & becoming yourself. Passion, belief & sensuality all inform this dynamic & charismatic woman. #tarot #learntarot #dailytarot #tarotcardmeanings… Click To Tweet

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4 thoughts on “Queen of Wands”

  1. I got this card while doing the karmic bitch slap spread and it came up as number 7 and I can’t quite figure out what the outcome of their karma is with this card ? Any help?

    • Hi Whitnee,
      There are two ways to look at this position (7. What is the Karmic Bitch-slap they shall receive?) Of course it implies some kind of Universal punishment, otherwise why would it be linked to Karma? But there is also the aspect of ‘being taught a lesson’, and in being taught a lesson, we also learn something. In this case, your ex will be learning something about themselves. But let’s start with the bitch-slap.
      The Queen of Wands is dynamic, expressive, authoritative. She doesn’t take prisoners and will not tolerate bad behaviour, except her own, of course. Often into self-development she likes to better herself, for noble reasons but also because she likes the attention she receives for her efforts. Queens represent mature women which allows for a wide age range.
      In reference to your question then, we could say that an older woman will reprimand your ex for their bad behaviour, this will be their bitch-slap. But it doesn’t stop there, what follows is the lesson and I believe your ex will go through a period of self-reflection and seek to modify their behaviour so that they become a better person – the self-improvement side of the Queen of Wands.
      Punitive and restorative justice in one beautiful bitch-slap.

  2. Wow ! Fast response that is so awesome! I had trouble with this card because right before I did he reading I did some yes or no questions using your site for guidiance, and of course I would ask is he thinking about me blah blah I got no or maybe and no matter how many times I asked is will he eventually come back and it said yes. So assuming that I was the queen of wands and I was going to be working on myself and bettering myself and have no time to play with a narcissist (yikes!) I thought the card meant I wouldn’t have time for his bullshit once he came around. But you put a different perspective! I’m still new at reading lol thanks for your response!

  3. Yes, of course, his karmic bitch-slap could be seeing you all over him and on the rise and him seeing how he’s missed out – good thoughts. In essence that means you are giving him his karmic bitch-slap, indirectly. Nice :)

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