What Does the 8 of Wands Mean?

Where focus goes energy flows* – the Law of Attraction in Action. Something is coming & it’s coming quickly. Are you ready for what the 8 of Wands brings?

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 8 of Wands

Keywords for the 8 of Wands
Acting quickly; overcoming obstacles, directness; communications; events moving swiftly; blockages removed; opportunities arrive quickly; manifestation imminent; law of attraction in action; working quickly and efficiently; apparent synchronicity.
8 of Wands Reversed
Delays in communication; disruption to your plans; stalling; moving slowly; descending into chaos; order lost; delays in important matters; targets missed.
8 of Wands as People
Archers and javelin throwers; event organizers; secret Santas; postmen & delivery men; magicians and illusionists; shaman, pathworkers and lightworkers.

8 of Wands Correspondences

TimingNov 23 – Dec 2. Mercury in Sagittarius
Numerology8 – Manifestation, practicality, skill, absolute decisions, business, the ego
Card Counting Value8 – card number
Yes or NoYes

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*Quote by Tony Robbins

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