What Does the 3 of Wands Mean?

Expansion & virtue feature with the 3 of Wands, so: working the right way, moving forward with plans that are good for all concerned. Doing the right thing in the right way.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 3 of Wands

Keywords for the 3 of Wands
Ideas crystallizing; integrity; confidence; a hobby becoming a business; confirmation you’re on the right path; control with harmony; business expansion; making long term plans; investing in your future.
3 of Wands Reversed
Loss of direction; lack of ambition; questioning your motives; changing your mind; difficulties in business; being distracted from your goal; disarray at work; disorganization.
3 of Wands as People
Importers/exporters; hauliers; merchants; traders; travel guides; adventurers and archaeologists; supervisors and managers.

3 of Wands Correspondences

Active, masculine; hot and dry
TimingMar 31 – Apr 10. Sun in Aries
Numerology3 Triplicity, expression, expansion of the idea, growth, first stages of completion.
Counting Value3 – card number
Yes or NoYes

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