What Does the 5 of Wands Mean?

We see strife, arguments & sometimes physical combat with the 5 of Wands. People are passionately disagreeing & things may get out of hand without a mediator or referee

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 5 of Wands

Keywords for the 5 of Wands
Unrest; unease; disagreements; an internal battle; disruption; defending yourself or others; competition; being challenged; challenges; competitive sports; brainstorming and group discussions; problem solving; friskiness, sexual arousal; guys hanging out together.
The 5 of Wands Reversed
Continuation of strife; aggression; violence; physical harm; abuse; calling a truce; an end to conflict; a challenge rescinded; a delay in troubles; sporting defeat.
The 5 of Wands As People
Team sportsmen and women; contact sports people; army soldiers; front line workers in emergency services; committees and councilors;

5 of Wands Correspondences

TimingJuly 22 – Aug 1. Saturn in Leo
Numerology5 – Instability, exaggeration, over exertion, strife, changes, freedom, loss
Card Counting Value5 – Card number
Yes or NoNo

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