10 of Wands

ten of wandsElement: Fire
Timing: Dec 13 – Dec 21 Saturn in Sagittarius
Numerology: 10 – Ultimate completion, final manifestation, result of true will, recognition, continuation, realisation, endings.
Card Counting Value: 10
Keywords – Being overburdened; repression; unreasonable obligations; taking on too much; feeling the pressure; feeling trapped; no control over circumstances; oppression; being a victim of your own success.
Reversed: Some relief from tough circumstances; some burdens being lifted; small gains.

The 10 of Wands as the Tarot Card for the Week

10 of Rods: Another week of heavy work and responsibilities is before you. The landscape is tough and difficult to traverse, the atmosphere troublesome and unpredictable. You will feel the pressure this week from every angle from unpaid bills to commitments you’re now regretting. Regardless of which way you look at things, you have much more to deal with this week on top of your usual lot – you must keep going and then some.
Having said all of that, the bonus of this card is that despite the hardship, the lost sleep to finishing work, you will pull out all the stops and get everything done. Tenacity is a fine quality and you have it in excess this week. And stamina.
What you must remember is that this kind of effort takes its toll on your health as well as your relationships with those around you. When you can, take quality breaks and eat as healthily as you can. Giving your body the right fuel this week as well as precision planning will help you get past the finishing line no matter how hard it feels. Just dig deep to find your extra reserves. You can do it!

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