Logical Levels Tarot Spread In Action!

See how the Logical Levels Tarot Spread can help you turn your goals into reality through three personal readings I did for myself – real life topics, problems & solutions, right here.

In the previous post I introduced to you the tarot equivalent of Robert Dilts’ Logical Levels Model – a tarot spread I created and imaginatively titled The Logical Levels Tarot Spread! It brought together two powerful systems to help you understand yourself better, where you are in yourself, in your life and in relation to your goals and desires.

I published the general reading I did for myself using the spread and promised that in this post, I’d get specific and ask some real life questions to show you how amazing the Logical Levels Tarot Spread is at getting to the core of your question. Whether that’s an issue or a goal, this spread can pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your attention.

The questions I asked were:

What’s going on with me and diets?
Where am I with writing my new book?
Where am I with hosting my own radio show?

To jump straight to any of the questions you want to read first, simply click on that question to be taken straight to it.

When I did these three readings, what became apparent was how I was totally out of alignment with one, I thought I was in alignment with another, but the reading shows I’m not, and the final one, I’m totally in alignment with. So there’s three different readings, and three different levels of alignment I found myself in.

That literally translates to, ‘if I want to achieve all three of these goals, then I have a lot of work to do with one, some with another and the last one, I just need to get the ball rolling’.

Here’s a quick reminder of the spread and the positions:

So if you’re ready to see the Logical Levels Tarot Spread in action, let’s get started!

Tarot reading one – diets!

I love my food. Anyone who knows me, knows this. But I’m also always going on about dieting and eating better. I bully myself about it and then beat myself about it when I fail. My optimistic nature fails me in this area of life because I’m deluding myself into thinking that really, when I look in the mirror I see a slim girl, not a fat one. It’s always ‘time to do something about it’ and yet I never really get off the starting block and then kid myself that ‘the timing has to be right or it just won’t work’. Time to look at myself a little deeper!

I used the Hezicos Tarot* for this reading and drew:

  1. Environment – 8 of Wands
  2. Behaviour – 3 of Cups
  3. Capabilities – 6 of Cups
  4. Beliefs – 10 of Cups
  5. Identity – 2 of Wands
  6. Spirit – 7 of Wands

We could say in relation to dieting:

I’m living in an 8 of Wands environment behaving like the 3 of Cups using my 6 of Cups capabilities based on my 10 of Cups beliefs. I see myself as the 2 of Wands but am more akin to the 7 of Wands.

In other words:

I love my food and I don’t like dieting. I have total inner conflict about it depsite my environment supporting me should I wish to embark on a healthy eating plan. My beliefs, my behaviours and my capabilities all reinforce each other and my negative attitude towards dieting.

Let’s look at the reading with a little more depth:


8 of Wands – Mmm, a quick moving environment? I see this as my environment being able to respond quickly to any dietary changes I want to implement. It supports my flighty changes of heart but perhaps isn’t such a good card when you consider how many different diets and eating plans are out there. So long as I remain grounded, my environment will be conducive to positive changes.


3 of Cups – Oh the party girl! That’s me – life’s one big buffet of dinner party extremes. Curry isn’t curry without naan bread on the side, with some onion bhajis and other tidbits. And let’s not forget the cheesecake, or coconut ice cream… My behaviours toward dieting are in the negative and really non-existant!


6 of Cups – It’s just going from bad to worse! My capabilities are outdated, sentimental and stuck in the 80’s like my lipgloss! My attitudes to food stem from my childhood and it seems I haven’t let go of the homely image of ‘eating really well to be heathly’ – only eating really well in my mind doesn’t mean salad, it means egg mayonaise instead and having to clear your plate…

Beliefs & Values

10 of Cups – And herein lies the answer. If we hadn’t already worked this out, my beliefs towards food and dieting stems from my childhood, it is firmly entrenched in the idea that stews, heavy eating, eating to feel full and ‘satisfied’ is how you eat – not dieting. And really, where is the dieting in all this? It’s just not there. I have an aversion to dieting and I justify my elaborate eating on the beliefs created during my childhood and in my family center. No wonder I struggle at this stuff!


2 of Wands – Ah, the delusion…. there’s always tomorrow… “Tomorrow is a new day and when I wake up I’ll start my new eating plan. I’ll be in control this time, I know what to do and it’s all down to me and I can do it!! Yay!!” … Wake up Catherine and when you do, smell the coffee instead of your own delusion. You gotta love the effort that goes into that delusion though eh?!


7 of Wands – There hasn’t been anything about my core that has embraced dieting or eating healthily. Not only do I delude myself, at my core, I’m at war with the whole thing. I hate diets – so why do I put myself through this when my core knows this, and really, I know this. Dieting is a battleground for me and it’s usually with myself. I think the unseen assailant is my spiritual core trying to get a grip of me trying to waft some of that coffee under my nose!


There’s no escaping I’m not congruent with dieting in any way. I’ve dieted successfully before, but by harsh and extreme methods that don’t really deal with food. If I’m to approach dieting sensibly, then I have a lot of hard work ahead of me because I would need to change the higher levels, my Identity and Spirit for it to filter down through the lower levels. The question that I have now is, ‘can you change your spirit?’ I would think not, doesn’t seem possible or plausible to me and so, I need a new approach. Do I simply stop dieting? Do I exercise more? There seems to be a lot to ponder on this one.

Did you notice how there are only the fire and water elements represented in this reading? Not exactly the best of buddies unless there’s an interceding element – just reinforces the tension I have about dieting.

Tarot reading two – Writing my new book

I’ve wanted to write another book for a while now and have toyed with many ideas that I could use for the main body of work. I’ve considered other formats from ebooks and self-publishing to pitching to the main publishers for printed book. One morning in bed, not so long ago, I hit upon an idea. The flash was like lightening and I sat bolt upright in bed, grabbed a pad and pen, and immediately began writing down the contents page. That contents page hasn’t changed much since that first flash of inspiration and I have begun planning the writing and main body of work. I wanted my own book about tarot to be different and I believe this one will be, though I couldn’t resist checking how my alignment with my book is…

For this reading I used Shadowscapes Tarot and drew the following:

  1. Environment – The World
  2. Behaviour – 6 of Pentacles
  3. Capabilities – 3 of Pentacles
  4. Beliefs – The Magician
  5. Identity – The Hanged Man
  6. Spirit – 7 of Pentacles

We could say in relation to writing my new book:

I’m living in a World environment behaving as the 6 of Pentacles using my 3 of Pentacles capabilities based on my Magician beliefs. I see myself as the Hanged Man but am more akin to the 7 of Pentacles.

In other words:

Everything I need to write my book is in place, I have the skills and the right behaviour, the premise and the belief in my premise. All I need is some time to nurture my idea, and align myself to it.

Let’s look at the reading with a little more depth:


The World – I would say that’s a resounding yes! The World’s a stage and I’m sitting atop mine. My environment supports me writing – it’s a lush green oasis of ideas. See the different coloured stars and the birds? I like to think the birds are carrying the messages of the stars to me, blessings from the Universe and all the ideas I will ever need.


6 of Pentacles – Another alignment – I’m being productive, bouncing ideas, trying out new things and as in the imagery in the card, I actually feel that I’m nurturing a new part of me that’s growing and blossoming, as the nutrient rich water (the ideas?) hit the new sapling, it feeds it (my blog and consequently my new book?) and helps it grow.


3 of Pentacles – I’m loving this reading! My capabilities for writing a new book are there, I have the skills and I find that very pleasing indeed. The lady in the image seems to be etching on the stone wall with ease. She also looks like she is being supported, which is something I’ve been very fortunate with so far, but I’m taking from this, if I need to improve my skill set then I must not be shy in seeking out another mentor or guide for this writing process.

Beliefs & Values

The Magician – I do believe that the outline, the premise I have for my new book is magical. In fact, when I got the idea for it, I had butterflies. I know, exciting uh?! I love the imagery in this card and it looks to me like the Magician is holding one of those coloured stars from the World card – I believe in magic and I believe that I have what I need to write this book.


Hanged Man – Oh dear. My first misalignment and to be honest, I find it a little puzzling. I can understand being reticent, it’s a big thing writing a book. I know I have one already, but I co-authored on that. This book will be a total solo effort and bearing that in mind and looking at the imagery of the card, we have a clue. This Hanged Man looks like he is holding council with friends. I’m totally out of my comfort zone writing this book – remember those butterflies I felt, I think perhaps there’s some holding back on my part until I find my comfort zone with this book – and my friends, and my tarot tribe, will be where I will seek it.


7 of Pentacles – This card seems to have many meanings across many decks, from failure to delays to waiting for fruition – it can go from a yes to a no very quickly! It’s a yes in the Shadowscapes Tarot, which is very pleasing. However, it still shows some time delay in waiting for the fruits to ripen, or mature. And there is the clue & it might explain my Hanged Man a little further. I’m just not quite ready yet and I’m alright with that.


Well it seems I’m more congruent with writing my new book than I am with dieting but I still have some way to go before I see that book published and it’s all to do with me. Everything else looks in place and so I will continue to write the book as it’s a long process but I’m aware of seeking help when I need it as I feel that’s the key here to success and will help me see myself differently.

I still have two unhappy elements – earth and air and while I’m happy at the thought (air) and work (earth) going into this project, I haven’t really put any energy (fire) into and I’ve yet to attach myself to it (water).

Tarot reading three – hosting my own radio show

My first experience of being a guest on a tarot radio show was one of the most nerve wracking and exciting things I have done this year. I was a guest on Psychic Friends Live, hosted by the warm and funny but incredibly talented Storm Cestavani. The wonderfully lovely Donnaleigh de LaRose co-hosted and between them, they made me feel very relaxed and very special.

A month or so later, I was back on the radio with Storm and Donnaleigh on Beyond Worlds demonstrating the techniques from my book with Paul Hughes-Barlow, Beyond the Celtic Cross. I gave a listener a full tarot reading, two in fact.

Once I did that show, I knew I could host my own and have thought about it non stop since then. It’s a lot to take on but I think it would be good for me, but also good for Tarot Elements, and so naturally, I wanted to find out where I am in relation to hosting my own radio show.

For the final reading I used the Thoth and drew the following:

  1. Environment – King of Swords
  2. Behaviour – Aeon
  3. Capabilities – 8 of Disks
  4. Beliefs – Ace of Wands
  5. Identity – Ace of Cups
  6. Spirit – 4 of Wands

We could say in relation to hosting my own radio show:

I’m living in a King of Swords environment behaving as the Aeon using my 8 of Disks capabilities based on my Ace of Wands beliefs. I see myself as the Ace of Cups but am more akin to the 4 of Wands.

In other words:

Everything is in place for me to create and launch Tarot Elements Live! on the radio, with the exception of skills required to operate the necessary software. My mindset is creative and focussed with a very supportive environment for mental stimulation, growth and development.

Let’s look at the reading with a little more depth:


King (Knight) of Swords – So here we have another active environment only this time it’s an air card (thoughts, writing etc.) and I’m happy with that. It still shows flexibility to my current surroundings and if I have to make a change somewhere, this card is showing me that my environment will match the change and keep up. This is also another card that features birds so lots of ideas (and cosmic/universal messages) sprouting from this fertile oasis.


Aeon (Judgement) – This is one of those cards that takes on a slightly different meaning in the Thoth to the Rider Waite-Smith deck. This card talks of a new era, a new way of doing things. Out with the old, in with the new. So my behaviours have changed, I’m acting differently and I feel congruently to the new opportunities and projects that I have around me and the blog. This card is boldly going from the old me to the new one, you could say in this position, it says I’ve stepped up to the plate and put my money where my mouth is.


8 of Disks (Pentacles) – This card seems to show me that where I may be lacking in the required skills in setting up and hosting a radio show, I have the right mindset to go and aquire them. Having been a guest twice now on the radio, I do have some experience of the ‘live’ nature of things but of course none of the behind the scenes experience. I have been researching this though and of course the various packages available and I think this card reflects that.

Beliefs & Values

Ace of Wands – I really like this card here, particularly when I think of the new beginning with the Aeon card in the Behaviours position. It suggests to me that I believe in this new eon, this new way of doing things and that it’s obviously the right move for raising the profile of the blog (and myself) in a new, exciting and creative way.


Ace of Cups – In terms of hosting my own radio show, I see myself as making and maintaining connections with my readers, new and old. I especially like the creative way that those readers may become listeners and that new people will come to the blog because of it. These Aces tell their own tale, but coupled with the other cards there is creativity, new beginnings and learning. I’m very happy so far, that I’m in total alignment with this.


4 of Wands – Oh the joy – I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! Everything is in alignment – including my Spirit, there couldn’t be a better card to seal this reading for me. The 4 of Wands is just perfect, signifying completion, perfected work, acknowledging that the job has been done well and now it’s time to celebrate. Astrologically, this card represents the Sun in Aries – just the drive and ambition I need to begin this and see it through – all I need to do now is get the ball rolling!


Well I couldn’t be happier. I’ve thought about doing this for a while now and although I was nervous about my first radio appearance, I was much more relaxed, happy and prepared for the second one. The 8 of Disks is an interesting card for me as in the Rider Waite-Smith tradition (as the 8 of Pentacles) it is a card of learning, being an apprentice etc.

In the Thoth, it’s keyword is Prudence and covers not just financial prudence but also action, knowing when you have enough (skills) and how much to expend, knowing how much is enough. Aces are often seen as blessings or gifts and to have two of them feels like a blessing and green card from the Universe. The Golden Dawn also considered two Aces to represent a change in career….

This is the first reading where all elements are present – which is great news for balance. Fire dominates the spread though but I’m happy with that as the energy required to get this off the ground as well as the other projects I have running and am planning will help sustain the launch and indeed myself.

Closing thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading through my dilimmas! But seriously, I got to the bottom of a few important things using the Logical Levels Tarot Spread, including some readings I haven’t published here. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the 6 levels, you will easily translate them into your life. I have found myself thinking about ideas now in terms of those levels, as a checklist in my mind and have then turned to the tarot and the spread, for further guidance.

I’d love to hear how you get on with your own specific questions. Please feel free to post them in the comments section, including any questions for me :)

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