King of Cups

king of cupsElement: Water
Timing: Feb 9 – Mar 10
Numerical value: 14
Card Counting Value: 4
As People:
A compassionate and somewhat emotional man; likely to not only feel deeply but also express it too; knowledgeable on spiritual and mystical matters; no doubt psychic or with a strong intuition; a warm and gentle guy, liked by many for his easy nature; the voice of reason in times of trouble; likely to be found in the caring professions and the arts.
As Events:
Consulting a spiritual advisor, psychic or therapist; the meeting of a personal mentor or guru; organising or managing a charity event; acting as a counsellor or guru to others; being a stay at home dad; the need to be firm but flexible; making a decision that will affect the family; finding your spiritual family.
As Inner Processes:
Learning to manage your emotions; controlling your psychism and channelling experiences; using your intuition to make decisions; connecting with your Higher Self; mastering discernment; being sensible in spiritual pursuits; being responsive not reactive.

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