10 of Cups

ten of cupsElement: Water
Timing: Mar 11 – Mar 20. Mars in Pisces
Numerology: 10 – Ultimate completion, final manifestation, result of true will, recognition, continuation, realisation, endings.
Card Counting Value: 10
Keywords – Fulfillment; perfect harmony; emotional stability; satisfaction; a happy family unit; your dream becoming reality; security; your dream home.
Reversed: discord at home; empty nest syndrome; marital conflict; family problems.

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  • Dorothy batten

    Hi I wrote you last year when I had thought someone’s strong happenings had made my deck only read his stuff. You advised me I had stuff and the cards and I needed to heal. I thank you for the advice I learned some wonderful healing and spiritual bonding has become with myself and this deck. I love you and the gift of advise and direction you shared with me.
    I thought you might like some feedback on such an event. It was heavy and the growth has been awesome and profound.
    Namaste and good blessings
    Dorothy Lee (Riverdaughter Dancing)

    • Catherine

      Hi Dorothy,
      Thank you for such a lovely message and letting know that you had such a wonderful experience with healing and bonding with your deck. This has really made my day – thank you for sharing with me.
      Catherine x

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