10 of Cups

ten of cupsElement: Water

Timing: Mar 11 – Mar 20. Mars in Pisces

Numerology: 10 – Ultimate completion, final manifestation, result of true will, recognition, continuation, realisation, endings.

Card Counting Value: 10

Keywords – Fulfillment; perfect harmony; emotional stability; satisfaction; a happy family unit; your dream becoming reality; security; your dream home.

Reversed: discord at home; empty nest syndrome; marital conflict; family problems.

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2 thoughts on “10 of Cups

  1. Hi I wrote you last year when I had thought someone’s strong happenings had made my deck only read his stuff. You advised me I had stuff and the cards and I needed to heal. I thank you for the advice I learned some wonderful healing and spiritual bonding has become with myself and this deck. I love you and the gift of advise and direction you shared with me.
    I thought you might like some feedback on such an event. It was heavy and the growth has been awesome and profound.
    Namaste and good blessings
    Dorothy Lee (Riverdaughter Dancing)

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Thank you for such a lovely message and letting know that you had such a wonderful experience with healing and bonding with your deck. This has really made my day – thank you for sharing with me.


      Catherine x

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