What Does the 5 of Cups Mean?

When all seems lost, and you feel bereft, know that two cups are still standing. The 5 of Cups shows loss & emotional pain, but it also reminds us that all is not lost & that we can recover. Have hope.

Lo Scarabeo

5 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords for the 5 of Cups
Sadness; feeling disappointed; feeling let down or betrayed; the doldrums; acceptance of misfortune; malaise; despondency; discontent; some losses; not appreciating all you have; negative thinking; depression; pessimism; mourning.
5 of Cups Reversed
Seeing the good in life; recognising your pluses; down but not out; growing optimism; healing beginning. Deepening sadness or depression; bereavement; regret.
5 of Cups People
Funeral director; grief counsellors, debt collectors; repossession agents; the
grieving, depressed and despondent. Eternal pessimists.

5 of Cups Correspondences

TimingOct 23 – Nov 1. Mars in Scorpio
Numerology5 – Instability, exaggeration, over exertion, strife, changes, freedom, loss
Card Counting Value5 – card number
Yes or NoNo

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