What Does the 2 of Cups Mean?

The 2 of Cups signifies a signifies a romantic relationship, a joining of two people in harmony, mostly. It can also describe platonic & business relationships that have a close bond – the essential ingredient here.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the 2 of Cups

Keywords for the 2 of Cups
Love; harmony; emotional balance; love flowing freely; a repaired relationship; togetherness; close bonds and friendships; a relationship that is strengthening; mutual love and respect; business partnerships; mergers; joining forces with another.
2 of Cups Reversed
Separation; the end of a relationship; unrequited love; rejection; division; love withdrawn; falling out; arguments; business deals gone awry.
2 of Cups People:
Lovers; couples; partnerships; friendships; counselors; care givers; facilitators; charity workers, wedding planners, wedding chapel workers.

2 of Cups Correspondences

TimingJune 21 – July 1. Venus in Cancer/td>
Numerology2 – Duality, togetherness, a settling of the energy, union, love, balance
Card Counting Value2 – card number
Yes or NoYes

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