What Does the 9 of Cups Mean?

The original YES card! The 9 of Cups is wishes being granted and dreams coming true. If it’s what you really wanted, you will feel joy in heart & a skip in your step. Now you can breathe & enjoy your success.

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9 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords for the 9 of Cups
Contentment; satisfaction; universal joy; success; a bright future; brimming with joy; blessings; feeling good about everything; bliss; wishes granted; good times; abundance; rewards for your efforts; physical pleasures; luxurious living.
9 of Cups Reversed
Taking things for granted; expecting to be supported; wishes denied; dissatisfaction; feeling sad; loss of pleasures; superficial thinking; smugness; hedonism; overindulgence; gluttony.
9 of Cups as People
Bar workers; cocktail waiters; wine merchant; collectors; fine china & glass sales people/importers.

9 of Cups Correspondences

TimingMar 1 – Mar 10. Jupiter in Pisces
Numerology9 – Strength, compassion, completion, optimism, suffering
Card Counting Value9 – card number
Yes or NoYes

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