9 of Cups

Nine of CupsElement: Water
Timing: Mar 1 – Mar 10. Jupiter in Pisces
Numerology: 9 – Strength, compassion, completion, optimism, suffering.
Card Counting Value: 9
Keywords – Contentment; satisfaction; universal joy; success; a bright future; brimming with joy; blessings; feeling good about everything; bliss; wishes granted; good times; abundance; rewards for your efforts.
Reversed: taking things for granted; expecting to be supported; wishes denied; dissatisfaction; feeling sad.
As People: Bar workers; cocktail waiters; wine merchant; collectors; fine china & glass sales people/importers.

Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot

Explore the Hermit and related cards associated with Virgo. Cards shown here are from the Nigel Jackson Tarot

A detailed and thoughtful exploration of Virgo as represented through tarot including topics such as numerology and astrology, ancient history, mysticism and alchemy. See how the 9 of Cups relates to Virgo and it’s partner cards directly associated with this zodiac sign and see how you can relate them to yourself and your life in a more meaningful way.

The Nine of Cups as a Daily Tarot Card

In a nutshell: “Eat, drink, love, work, paint, write – do what you love and rejoice in the rewards of your own satisfaction.”
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how the day could be filled with sunshine when it begins with such murk. And I’m not talking about the weather, though it’s pretty drab outside right now.
You may start the day a little under the weather, you may even start the day unhappy and wondering when your luck’s gonna change.
That would be today.
The 9 of Cups from most decks carries with it the historical gem of wish fulfillment. Every single deck though depicts the card in the most positive of lights, and the Legacy of the Divine is no different.
The scene is of warmth, tropicana, moist & juicy fruits and the promise of enjoyment. There is bounty, abundance and sweet music filling the air.
Crystal makes the most beautiful sound when gently tapped. Wet your finger and run it round the rim of the glass and you will hear a song so sweet that it could only be divine. If you don’t have a tradtional Tibetan singing bowl, you have a pretty good stand-in with a crystal glass.
It’s a creative way to help raise the vibrational tone of the day, and your spirit too. But don’t stop there, creative solutions to problems will be richly rewarding today, as will anything creative you do. It will bring you joy and happiness and an awareness of a nicer way to be, and feel about your life.
Enjoy the day, even if it’s murky outside. There’s sunshine in you just bursting to get out. You don’t need permission to smile if you’re happy – just let the music play and the good times roll.

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