What Does the Page of Cups Mean?

You find yourself at the beginning of a new spiritual or emotional phase of life. You feel a strong sense of connection to others & a growing empathy for all sentient life. Creativity abounds & seeking for pleasure’s sake drives and inspires you.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the Page of Cups

The Page of Cups General Keywords and Reversed Meanings

Love letters; poetry; hand written communication; new romance; love forming gently; an art student; younger sibling; school/college friend; youngster/child.
letters gone awry, a delayed project; a troubled and emotional youth; a broken hearted lover; love coming undone; a moody and manipulative youth; emotional immaturity.

The Page of Cups as People

Poets; artists; dancers; lovers; students/undergraduates; youth workers; veterinary assistants; fund raisers and charity workers; altar boys; waiters/waitresses.
As People:
A somewhat sensitive youth; perceptive and perhaps psychic; gentle and light-footed; articulate and artistic; includes dreamers and poets.

The Page of Cups as Events & Inner Processes

As Events:
Love letters; social invitations, beginning a new artistic course or career; news of an engagement or marriage; happy news and glad tidings.
As Inner Processes:
Trusting your inner voice; increasing or developing your clairvoyance; using meditation to reconnect to your ‘source’; re-balancing or calming your energies; using your imagination; finding balance in serenity.

Pages, Princesses & Daughters

Not all decks portray the Pages as the young boys that are seen in the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot. In the Crowley-Harris Thoth they are Princesses (based on Qabalah) and in the Quest Tarot they are called Daughters (based on the family). Changing the title of the card does shift the meaning a little and humanises the court card in a more familiar way, as I explore in How to Finally Conquer the Court Cards. For a little more information about this group in general, see my post Pages, Princesses and Daughters.

Page of Cups Correspondences

ElementalEarth of Water. Pages are earth, the suit is Water
TimingSept 21 – Dec 20
Is the throne of the Ace of Cups. Rules space not time*
QabalahMalkuth in Briah
Numerical Values7 – card counting value: # planets of the ancients + palaces on the Tree of Life
10 – Tree of Life sephira – Malkuth
11 – sequential, following the 10 of Cups
Yes or NoYes

*See Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology for an explanation of the Ace & Page rulerships.


Page of Cups as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Don’t put off what you can begin today.


Why would the Page of Cups be more energetic than the other pages? She’s not but she is more emotional and that makes her energy edgy and ready to move. She’s excited and can’t wait to get going whether it’s to the movies or a party, shopping with friends – whatever it is, she really, really wants to get on it. She loves what she does and this is the energy for the day. Super!

So, what have you been putting off that you should have already begun? What exciting thing can wait no longer? What do you say you love and really want to do but haven’t yet for whatever reason? No excuse today – all the stars have aligned and it’s time to shine.

Get out your paint brushes – wall or canvas; hit those keyboard keys; put pen to paper; cut flowers and arrange them; bake. Even do a face mask and paint your nails, so long as you love to do it – do it.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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