What Does the Empress Card Mean?

fecundity ~ creativity ~ abundance

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Empress

Keywords for the Empress
Nurturing, abundance, fertility, mothering, your mother, love, beauty, a businesswoman, mother earth, a multi-tasker, pregnancy, creativity, solving problems creatively, fulfilling your potential, a successful business or opportunity; social status.
The Empress Reversed
Laziness, creative and/or business stagnation, lack of co-ordination, wasting resources, financial difficulties, problems within the home, infertility, depression, laziness.
The Empress as People
Mothers, homemakers, boutique owner, beauty salon owner/worker, interior designer, humanitarian, retreat/spa owner, horticulturist, florist, caterers, hostesses.

The Empress Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterד – Dalet
Timing is according to conditions
Related tothe Hanged Man 12/1+2=3
the World 21/2+1=3
Count9 – Planetary Trump

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