What Does the Sun Card Mean?

vitality ~ blessings ~ good times

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Sun Card

Keywords for the Sun
Life, energy, vitality, joy, enlightenment, warmth, manifestation, happiness, YES! riches, marriage, good times, success, clear thinking, optimism, blessings, good fortune, a good holiday, nice weather; male archetype/masculinity, the conscious mind.
The Sun Reversed
Partial success, sadness, hoping for an improvement, feeling under the weather, reduced vitality, delayed success/happiness, being overly sentimental, things are not as rosy as they seem, false impressions.
The Sun as People
Travel agents, activity holiday staff, sun worshippers, outdoor workers, motivational speakers, weather reporters, gardeners/horticulturalists, equestrians/jockeys.

The Sun Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterר – Raish
AstrologyThe Sun
Summer; good weather
Related toWheel of Fortune 19/1+9=10
Magician 10/1+0=1
Count9 – planetary trump

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