What Does the World Card Mean?

completion ~ realisations ~ success

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Tarot Card Meanings for the World Card

Keywords for the World Card
Completion, fulfillment, possibilities, outcomes, realisations, wholeness, success, totality, moving – particularly abroad, success and successful conclusions, the journey’s end, goal achievement; world travel, exploration, anthropology, socializing, studying cultures.
The World Reversed
Plans falling through, house moving interrupted, unfinished business, delayed success, non-movement, stagnation, not finishing your work, being stuck in a rut.
The World as People
Explorers, travelers, cruise ship staff, tour guides, anthropologists, archaeologists, backpackers, graduates, estate agents, land/property developers, dancers, performers.

The World Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterת – Tav
Moves Slowly
Related toThe Empress 21/2+1=3
Count9 – planetary trump

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