What Does the Judgement Card Mean?

You are being called to follow a new path or incorporate a new practice in your life. What you have, where you are is not who you are meant to be. Its time to embrace change. A new era is about to begin.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Judgement Card

Keywords for the Judgement Card
Redemption, rebirth, an awakening, renewal, a call to action, spiritual or religious calling, reincarnation, a realization, a change that has already occurred, end of an era, a rite of passage, a period of transition, decision making, the final outcome, a judgement, moving on.
The Judgement Card Reversed
Ignoring a calling, doing what you know is wrong for you, doubting yourself, being lead by your own fear, change that’s coming but is delayed, avoiding making a decision, unhealed karma.
Judgement as People
Judges, magistrates, decision makers, religious/spiritual leaders, evangelists, motivators, public speakers, politicians, political/animal/environmental activists.

Judgement Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterש – Shin (Mother Letter)
Winter; stormy weather
Related toThe High Priestess 20/2+0=2
Count3 – primordial element


Judgement as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Answering the call to action ushers in a new era.


If you’ve been feeling restless of late, that feeling will culminate in a decision today – a decision to take action on the direction of your life. Okay, that’s pretty heavy, but you must see that even a decision to change one small aspect your life will impact the rest of it. Think of an avalanche, it can begin with one little snowball or one small change on the mountainside and very quickly, the mountainside has changed beyond recognition.

It’s still sounding dramatic, I know, but this is the Judgement card, known as a calling. Or to Aleister Crowley, the Aeon because he believed a new era had already begun. So seismic changes no matter which version of the card you favour.

A call to action creates change which can usher in a new era for you – one you’ve been waiting for but maybe were a little apprehensive about. Don’t be. If ever there was a tarot card that aligned itself to pre-destination, the Judgement card is it. It carries with it blessings, responsibilities but more importantly, support from on high.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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