What Does the Judgement Card Mean?

redemption ~ calling ~ new era

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Judgement Card

Keywords for the Judgement Card
Redemption, rebirth, an awakening, renewal, a call to action, spiritual or religious calling, reincarnation, a realization, a change that has already occurred, end of an era, a rite of passage, a period of transition, decision making, the final outcome, a judgement, moving on.
The Judgement Card Reversed
Ignoring a calling, doing what you know is wrong for you, doubting yourself, being lead by your own fear, change that’s coming but is delayed, avoiding making a decision, unhealed karma.
Judgement as People
Judges, magistrates, decision makers, religious/spiritual leaders, evangelists, motivators, public speakers, politicians, political/animal/environmental activists.

Judgement Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterש – Shin (Mother Letter)
Winter; stormy weather
Related toThe High Priestess 20/2+0=2
Count3 – primordial element

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